Security Leak Spawns Concerns After Biden Ireland Trip

Police officials out of Northern Ireland are currently carrying out an investigation in the wake of highly classified security documents regarding the visit from President Joe Biden were discovered layout out in the streets of Belfast.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) papers speak about plans for planned road closures and deployments of local police forces. One official with U.S. law enforcement openly confirmed the authenticity of events to USA Today and an official from the Secret Service told the news outlet that the agency in charge of protecting the president has "full confidence in our partners."

Stephen Nolan issued a report that one listener of his BBC Radio show, who has been identified as "Bill," was the one that originally made the discovery. The listener called into the show and that the discovered papers outlining the security itinerary listed the names of officers and contact information.

The social media account belonging to BBC Radio Ulster's "Nolan Show" shred a picture of what seems to be the crumpled up paper marked "OFFICIAL SENSITIVE" with a number of redacted sections marked away.

PSNI claimed that it was carrying out a full-scale investigation regarding the security breach, as reported by The Telegraph.

Biden made the trip to Northern Ireland this week in order to carry out a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, a document that put a stop to the 30-year period of near-constant sectarian violence that ended up being known as "the Troubles."

The President ended up meeting with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and issued a speech this past Wednesday at Ulster University, calling on Northern Ireland to "not go back" and fall into a violent streak, after making note of the recent shooting attack of Detective Chief Inspector John Caldwell. The new IRA, a splinter group of the original IRA, has spoken out to claim responsibility for the attack, as reported by the Associated Press.

As the United Kingdom's security agency, MI5 boosted the terror threat level for the area of Northern Ireland to "severe" back at the end of March. A report from the Belfast Telegraph from this past weekend stated that police were able to discover a suspected bomb ploy thought to be used to "upstage" the Biden visit.

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