SCOTUS Filing Reveals Details Over Texas Incident

In a new court filing, the Department of Justice has admitted that the accusation made by the Biden administration against Texas National Guard soldiers was false.

The administration had previously accused the soldiers of preventing Border Patrol agents from saving migrants who eventually drowned in the Rio Grande last Friday. However, the DOJ has now confirmed that the tragic incident had already occurred before the soldiers arrived on the scene.

According to the court filing, the event took place on January 12, 2024, when Mexican officials informed Border Patrol of two migrants in distress on the U.S. side of the river near the Shelby Park boat ramp. The officials also reported that three migrants, including two children and an adult woman, had drowned earlier in the same area at approximately 8:00 p.m. It is worth noting that at the time of the drowning, the area was under the control of Texas soldiers.

This latest development has undermined the accusations made by the Biden administration and raises questions about their honesty in this matter. The DOJ's filing, which was submitted to the Supreme Court, clearly states that the migrants had already drowned before Border Patrol agents tried to reach them. This contradicts the administration's narrative that the soldiers were responsible for blocking agents from providing emergency assistance.

The court filing also stands in agreement with the statement made by the Texas Military Department (TMD) following the incident. According to the TMD, claims that soldiers prevented Border Patrol from saving the lives of the drowning migrants were completely false. Mexican authorities have also confirmed that the deceased migrants never entered U.S. territory, further strengthening the TMD's claims.

It is concerning that the Biden administration attempted to use this tragic incident to criticize the actions of the Texas soldiers. The DOJ's words, that "it is impossible to say what might have happened" if Border Patrol had not been denied access to the area, seem to suggest that the soldiers were responsible for the unfortunate outcome. However, the filing clearly states that the migrants had already drowned when Mexican officials alerted their U.S. counterparts of the tragedy.

It is important to note that this event took place in an area that was recently seized by the state of Texas. The state took control of the Shelby Park area last week in an effort to secure the border, following a surge in illegal immigration. The incident has raised concerns about the safety of migrants attempting to cross the border and the level of control the state has over the area.

The DOJ's filing has significant implications as it contradicts the Biden administration's attempt to blame the tragedy on the actions of Texas National Guard soldiers. This incident also highlights the ongoing issue of illegal immigration and the need to address it in a responsible and effective manner. It is crucial for both the federal government and state authorities to work together to ensure the safety of all individuals involved.

In light of the DOJ's admission, it is expected that further investigations will be conducted to determine the exact details of the tragedy. This includes examining the actions of both the Texas soldiers and Border Patrol agents during the incident. The Supreme Court will also likely consider this new information in its decision regarding the Texas state's control of the border.

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