Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes Move

Hollywood power couple, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, have recently bid farewell to the bustling city of Los Angeles. The pair, who share two children together, made the decision to move out of L.A. in order to provide their daughters with a quieter and more secluded upbringing. According to a source close to the couple, their main priority is to give their children a normal childhood away from the spotlight and influence of other Hollywood celebrities.

The unnamed source also revealed that for Gosling and Mendes, their children are their number one priority. They have made the conscious choice to leave behind their careers and the glamour of Hollywood in order to focus on their daughters' well-being. The source stated, "Everything else comes second. And their girls are thriving." This decision to move away from Los Angeles is a testament to the couple's commitment to their family and their desire to provide their children with a stable and grounded upbringing.

It is unclear where exactly Gosling and Mendes have chosen to relocate. However, it is known that they have moved further north from L.A. According to the source, this was a deliberate decision to distance themselves from the Hollywood scene and to give their daughters a more normal and peaceful environment to grow up in. The couple's desire for privacy and a simpler lifestyle is reflected in their choice to move away from the city.

The celebrity couple is not alone in their decision to leave Los Angeles. A growing number of Hollywood stars have also made the move, citing reasons such as rising crime rates and a desire for a more authentic lifestyle. Some notable names include Mark Wahlberg, Sylvester Stallone, and even Angelina Jolie, who has spoken about wanting to take her family away from the superficiality of Hollywood.

One of the key factors driving celebrities to leave L.A. is the city's increasingly troubling crime situation. The Democrat-controlled city and county have implemented soft-on-crime policies that have decriminalized many offenses, leading to a surge in crime. The district attorney, George Gascon, implemented a zero bail policy that resulted in alleged offenders getting released back into the community before their court date. Gascon also issued a directive to help criminal illegal aliens avoid deportation, which has further added to concerns about public safety.

In the 12 months leading up to 2023, Los Angeles saw a nearly 12 percent surge in crime, including homicides, rape, robberies, armed assaults, and burglaries. This alarming increase in crime has made many residents, including high-profile celebrities, question the safety and livability of L.A. The city's once highly coveted reputation is now being overshadowed by concerns about crime and the overall well-being of its residents.

George Gascon's policies have faced backlash, with some even calling for his resignation. A recall effort was launched, and while Gascon initially rescinded his zero-bail policy, it was later reinstated. The district attorney's approach to handling crime has sparked debates and discussions about the need for safe and effective policies that prioritize the safety of all residents.

As for Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, their decision to move away from L.A. reflects a growing sentiment among residents who are leaving the city in search of a safer and more authentic lifestyle. For this power couple, their choice to prioritize their family and their children's well-being is a reminder that, in the end, the most important things in life are not found in the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, but in the simple joys of family and a peaceful environment to call home.

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