Quentin Fulks Takes Interview Answers Questions On Border

Despite widespread criticism from Americans, including from members of his own party, President Joe Biden continues to stand by his reckless open border policies.

Despite mounting evidence that the border situation has only worsened since he took office, the Biden Administration continues to deny that the border was better off under previous administrations.

According to the Biden Administration, the key to avoiding accountability is to feign ignorance. And that is precisely what President Biden is doing with the border crisis he created. During an interview on Fox News Channel's "Special Report," Biden Principal Deputy Campaign Manager Quentin Fulks was asked whether the border crisis is better or worse under Biden than it was under former President Trump. In response, Fulks shifted the blame onto Congress, claiming they have "refused" to pass immigration reform.

Fulks went on to claim that President Biden sent a comprehensive immigration reform package to Congress upon taking office, but they have refused to take action on it. He then turned the blame on former President Trump, stating that he did "nothing" to secure the border during his four years in office.

This statement is factually incorrect, as the Trump Administration made significant efforts to secure the southern border, including building a border wall and implementing Title 42, a public health policy that was used for over three years to remove roughly three million illegal aliens and send them back to their home countries.

When pressed by host Bret Baier about the current state of the border, Fulks continued to shift blame, this time onto Republicans in Congress, accusing them of "playing political games" and "doing Donald Trump's bidding." Baier then pointed out that there are currently more children in custody under the Biden Administration than there were under Trump.

In response, Fulks refused to concede that the border situation is a vulnerability for the Biden campaign and instead accused Republicans of being "the least effective House since the Great Depression."

Since President Biden took office, the number of illegal migrants at the southern border has skyrocketed. Over 10 million illegal migrants have attempted to cross the border since January, and in December alone, there were over 300,000 encounters with migrants trying to cross the border - an all-time high. Customs and Border Patrol have encountered nearly 2.5 million migrants in the current fiscal year, putting the agency on track to break the record set in 2020.

The Biden Administration's refusal to address the ongoing border crisis has caused outrage among many Americans, including members of Biden's own party. Some Democrats have even joined Republicans in calling for stricter immigration policies and for Biden to take more action to secure the border. Despite this, President Biden and his staff continue to deny that the current border situation is in any way a result of their policies.

The situation at the southern border has become a humanitarian crisis, with limited resources being stretched thin and criminal activity increasing. The influx of illegal migrants has put a strain on border communities and immigration facilities, leaving many to wonder when the Biden Administration will finally take real action to address the issue. In the meantime, the blame game between Democrats and Republicans continues, with no real solutions in sight.

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