Protests Rage In Israel Following Prime Minister's Announcement

dangerous protests ignited all across the streets of Israel and a nationwide strike was slated to start in the wake of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's choice to fire one cabinet member that stood against his bid to try and reform the judicial system of the Jewish State by trying to pull back on the power of the Supreme Court.

While trying to expand the lawmaking authority of the Israeli parliament by trying to tone down the power of the Supreme Court, Netanyahu announced this past Sunday the firing of Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, who is most well known for asking for a pause in these ongoing reforms. A furious cloud of Leftist protesters, already on the verge of a frenzy due to what they see as a threat to democracy in Israel, responded to the announcement by rushing to and blocking the streets and bridges while setting fires across a number of roadways.

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to remove Defense Minister Yoav Gallant from his post," read a statement released on Sunday announcing Gallant's dismissal by Netanyahu’s office.

The critics of the Supreme Court in Israel have expressed that the court maintains far too much power and is not at all answerable to the people. While the proposals have ignited Israel, most of them have built the checks and balances between the legislative and judicial branches embraced by the United States. Unlike how it is handled in the U.S., Israel does not possess a written and explained constitution.

As explained within these proposed reforms, the Knesset would play a far stronger role in the selection of judges and maintain the power to overturn Supreme Court Decisions to overturn laws. The high court would also be forced to apply legal precedent and law to cases instead of ruling based entirely on its own "reasonability" test.

This move took place just a day in the wake of Gallant issuing a speech that called for Netanyahu, who came back to power this past December, to put a stop to his efforts, claiming that such proposals are a direct threat to the security of Israel. The threat perceived by Gallant seemed to have been prompted by some reserve members from the Israeli Defense Forces that reportedly threatened to stop training if these proposals fail to be withdrawn.

A number of other officials in Israel have previously also sounded the call for a similar pause, including President Isaac Herzog.

"The eyes of all the people of Israel are on you," expressed Herzog via Facebook just a week ago. "The eyes of all the Jewish people are on you. The eyes of the whole world are on you. For the sake of the unity of Israelis, for the sake of committed responsibility I call on you to halt the legislative procedure immediately."

To go along with both Gallant and Herzog, Economy Minister Nir Barkat, Culture and Sports Minister Miki Zohar, and Diaspora Affairs and Social Equality Minister Amichai Chikli have also sounded the call to place a suspension on this legislation.


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