Poll Reveals Shocking Truth About Biden Presidency & 2024 Prospects

The latest poll released by The Washington Post and ABC on Sunday has shocked the political world, showing former President Donald Trump with a commanding lead over President Joe Biden in a theoretical 2024 election. According to the poll, Trump currently leads Biden by 10 points among voters, with a 52% to 42% margin.

The Post and ABC conducted the poll from September 15-20, using a random sample of 1,006 U.S. adults. The poll has a margin of error of 3.5%, making the results statistically significant.

While the numbers may seem surprising, the Post chose to downplay the results, stating that the large margin could be an outlier and significant differences were found when compared to other public polls. However, the findings cannot be ignored, especially considering the current political climate and the growing dissatisfaction with Biden's presidency.

The poll revealed that Biden's approval rating sits at a mere 37%, with 56% of respondents actively disapproving of his presidency. Furthermore, a shocking 60% of Democrat and Democrat-leaning respondents said they would prefer a different nominee, indicating a crisis of confidence within the party.

Biden's age, his handling of the economy, and the ongoing border crisis were cited as major pain points for his administration. The border crisis, in particular, has been a thorn in his side since taking office, with a surge of illegal immigrants and an overwhelmed immigration system. The poll also showed that Biden is struggling with younger voters, with Trump leading by a substantial 20% margin among voters 35 and under.

The age factor also played a significant role in the poll, with a whopping 70% of respondents saying that Biden is too old to hold office. This number is only slightly higher than the 50% who said the same for Trump, despite both being in their 70s. If elected, Biden would be 82 years old by the end of his second term, making him the oldest president in U.S. history.

The poll also addressed the ongoing impeachment inquiry launched by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, which polled favorably with 58% of respondents saying that Biden is being held accountable under the law like any other president. In contrast, only 32% felt he was being unfairly targeted.

Biden's campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital. However, with such low approval ratings and a significant percentage of his own party wanting a different nominee, it is clear that Biden has work to do if he plans to secure a second term.

In conclusion, the surprising results of the WAPO/ABC poll have raised eyebrows and sparked debate among political analysts. While it is important to consider the margin of error and compare the results to other polls, the numbers cannot be ignored. If Biden wants to secure a second term, he will need to address the concerns raised by this poll and work towards regaining the confidence of voters.

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