Old Photo Goes Viral

In recent months, there has been growing concern over the use of the social media platform TikTok and its potential risks. The Biden administration has been vocal in its opposition to the app, with President Joe Biden stating that he would be willing to sign a bill banning it if it were to pass.

However, some have questioned the consistency of the Biden team's stance, as they continue to use TikTok as a means to reach out to younger voters and promote the Biden campaign. This has raised concerns about their principles and the perceived hypocrisy of their actions.

These concerns were further highlighted by a recent post on TikTok by Lauren Kapp, who creates content for both the Biden campaign and the Democratic National Committee. In the post, Kapp shared two pictures side by side with the caption "responding rapidly from Biden HQ." However, she limited the replies on her account, which raised questions about the Biden team's willingness to hear criticism or feedback from the public.

Many users on social media expressed their thoughts on the post, with one person noting that the picture of the Biden team resembled a group of "NYU theater kids." This led to discussions about the lack of diversity in the team and how it may contribute to the current state of the country.

Additionally, users pointed out that the picture on the left, which was intended to represent the "Biden HQ," was a famous picture of the Obama administration's successful raid on Osama bin Laden. This not only showed a lack of knowledge on the Biden team's part, but it also highlighted the irony of using a picture of a mission Biden had opposed to promoting their supposed 'rapid response' capabilities.

There were also concerns about Biden's lack of understanding and attentiveness, as he recently made a mistake during an interview by claiming America went into Ukraine instead of Afghanistan and Iraq. This calls into question the competence of the Biden team and their ability to handle important matters.

Many have also criticized the Biden team for their reliance on platforms like TikTok to reach out to voters, as it may not be the most effective way to convey important information and connect with the public. Some have even suggested that their use of TikTok shows a disconnect from reality and a delusional belief in their own importance and impact.

Overall, the post by Kapp and the reactions it sparked have shed light on the operations of the Biden team and their approach to social media. It has raised important questions about their consistency and competence and has led many to question whether this is really the group that should be leading the country.

As the Biden administration continues to address these concerns and navigate through the challenges of governing, it remains to be seen how their actions and decisions will be received by the public.

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