New Biden Policy Ignites Anger - Will Make Millions of Americans Felons...All For Your Safety

The Biden regime's decision to push through the new rule is nothing short of an assault on American gun owners and a direct violation of the Constitution. Millions of Americans who have legally purchased firearm accessories now face the threat of federal felony charges, all thanks to this new policy. This rule would reclassify pistol braces as firearms subject to registration under the National Firearms Act and Gun Control Act, effectively banning their use unless registered with the ATF.

This is absolutely outrageous given that just a decade ago, the ATF itself had declared that such braces were completely legal! It has been estimated that there are between three to seven million braces currently in circulation throughout America, and there may even be as many as 10-40 million depending on who you ask. Despite this, and despite hundreds of thousands of comments opposing this regulation left during its public comment period, the Regime has chosen to move forward with its ban regardless.

Gun rights groups from Gun Owners of America to The Second Amendment Foundation are now vowing to fight this ban in court - but what if they fail? Even if they succeed in overturning it, what is stopping future Democrat regimes from simply creating another version or ignoring the courts altogether? It's clear that gun owners across America need to stand up against this power grab of registering their pistol braces. Only then can we protect our rights and stop these anti-Constitution attacks from occurring again.

The Biden regime's actions here have not only undermined our basic liberties, but also contradicted prior decisions made by their own agency. This speaks to a larger pattern throughout history where those in power have tried time and time again to strip away Americans' rights without any regard for justice or morality. We cannot let them get away with it any longer - we must speak up and fight back against tyranny whenever we see it happen!

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