Netanyahu Basically Told Biden To Go Pound Sand

In a shocking announcement this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israel would no longer consider allowing the creation of a Palestinian state in any future postwar scenario.

This decision has been made due to the unacceptable security risk that such a state would pose to Israel. Netanyahu made these remarks during a press conference on Thursday, as Israel continues to carry out military operations in Gaza to hunt down Hamas terrorists responsible for the deaths of 1,200 Israelis and the kidnapping of hundreds more during a recent attack.

Netanyahu stated, “For 30 years, I have been consistent in saying that this conflict is not about the lack of a state of Palestine, but the existence of a state, the Jewish state.” He added that Israel has had to evacuate towns throughout the country due to threats from Islamic terrorists on its borders, and therefore, will no longer consider the creation of a Palestinian state. This decision reflects a shift in Israel’s stance on the Palestinian state issue.

The prime minister emphasized that Israel should have control over the entire area from the river to the sea, in order to ensure its security. He also mentioned that this stance had been communicated to Israel’s American allies and that he had stopped any attempts to impose a reality that would jeopardize Israel’s safety. Netanyahu stated, “A prime minister in Israel has to be able to say ‘no’ even to the best of friends, to say ‘no’ when you need to and to say ‘yes’ when you can.”

The Israeli leader also made it clear that the war on Hamas would continue until the terrorist organization was completely destroyed. He said, “Victory will take additional long months, but we are bent on obtaining it. We strive for a total victory.” Netanyahu shared that in the past few days, Israeli troops have been fighting fierce battles in Gaza and have eliminated hundreds of terrorists. He also mentioned that a giant facility for manufacturing rockets had been destroyed, but added that it was not the only one. He stated that the war would continue on all fronts until all of Israel’s goals were achieved.

Netanyahu also addressed the criticism that Israel has been receiving for its actions against Hamas. He said, “While our soldiers are sacrificing their lives to complete the victory against Hamas, I hear that there are those in the news studios who claim that it is impossible to win and others who are trying to weaken them.”

He rejected these claims and emphasized that Israel would not settle for anything less than complete victory. He stressed that stopping the war before reaching its goals would harm Israeli security for generations to come. He stated, “Total victory requires the elimination of Hamas’s leaders, the annihilation of Hamas, the return of the hostages, the disarming of Gaza, and Israeli control over everything that enters the Gaza Strip.”

The prime minister concluded by saying that Israel would not stop or finish the war before achieving total victory and the return of their loved ones. He stated, “I pledge, for the sake of our troops, the bereaved families, and the families of the hostages, we will not stop and we will not finish the war before total victory and the return of our loved ones.”

He also emphasized the importance of unity in achieving this victory. He stated that the day after the elimination of Hamas would be the day when victory was achieved, and they would remain united in this fight. The prime minister’s strong stance on this issue shows that Israel will not back down in the face of terrorist threats and will do whatever it takes to ensure the safety and security of its people.

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