MUST SEE! Here Are Some of Lyin' Biden's Most Outrageous Lies (VIDEO)

Elected officials, such as presidents, are expected to possess a certain level of intelligence and integrity in their words and actions. However, it is not uncommon for them to make statements that are questionable or downright lies. These statements can range from simple mistakes that are easily forgiven to calculated lies that call into question the leader's moral character. In some cases, these statements may be seen as outrageous or absurd, and they can cause people to question the judgment and credibility of the leader in question.

One current elected official who has faced criticism for making a number of questionable statements is none other than Joe Biden.

Many people have found some of his remarks to be ignorant or untrue, and some have even accused him of flat-out lying. The frequency and severity of these statements have led some to question Biden's intelligence and moral fiber. In fact, some have even suggested that he may be on track to becoming the all-time leader in terms of the number and outlandishness of his boneheaded presidential remarks.

Making a list of the most ridiculous lies told by Biden would likely be a relatively easy task, but ranking them according to their level of absurdity and outrageousness would likely be more challenging.

Certainly, ranking well up the list would be when Biden falsely claimed to have been an outstanding student at Syracuse University College of Law. Biden was anything but a good student. His rank wasn’t in the top half. Joe Biden was close to “the worst student” in his class.

That proclamation is more than just a slight embellishment of the facts. That’s a bald-faced lie. But that's just the tip of Joe's iceberg when it comes to lying. Clueless Joe said he was arrested while protesting in South Africa. He wasn’t.

Biden never visited a synagogue in Pittsburgh, as he claimed. But Biden’s lies have been at the forefront of his presidency. He and his clan of border clowns say that the U.S. southern border is secure. According to Biden, he has the southern border under control.

One 60-second video of thousands of illegal migrants waltzing across the border proves that statement to be a lie. Biden said that inflation was “transitory.” Now, nearly two years into the worst inflation crisis in four decades, that statement was a lie as well.

This clown once said he was raised by Puerto Ricans, his son died in Iraq, and he never talked to his son Hunter about his crooked business schemes. Biden wasn’t. His deceased son Beau didn’t. But Joe sure did “talk to Hunter about the crooked Biden family business scams.”

Watching gas prices skyrocket because of his policies, Biden said, “down from over $5 when I took office.” That’s the wrong answer, Joe. Gas prices when Biden stole his way into the White House were barely over $2 a gallon. Even “fake news” CNN knows that’s a lie.

Biden claimed that he traveled nearly 20,000 miles with Chinese Communist Party President Xi Jinping. Not even close, Joe. Biden has made so many ignorant and untrue statements that it’s virtually impossible to keep track.

Maybe that’s why the spineless mainstream media keeps giving him a free pass on his lies. Or perhaps they’re ordered to purposefully ignore the lies or distort the truth. It begs the question, “Why do the majority of politicians lie,” at least to some degree?

It’s virtually impossible to find an elected official who hasn’t, at a minimum, distorted a fact or embellished a story. Furthermore, it’s as if politicians have some genetic propensity for telling lies. Why do Americans continue to vote for such people of low moral fiber?

Is there ever going to come a time when voters reject candidates who refuse to tell the truth? One would assume that citizens would want the most honest among them in positions of authority. But a huge degree of responsibility rests with the corrupt mainstream media.

Often, they fail to cover half the lies and senseless statements. The rest of the time, they run cover for the liars, handing Americans a bag of B.S. There seems to be only one solution to all the political lying. Believe about half of what we hear, check the rest, and disregard most of that.

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