Mother Arrested After Incident At Restaurant

A Georgia mother is facing charges after she allegedly encouraged her young daughter to steal a purse from a restaurant. The incident took place on March 2 at The Juicy Crab in Newnan and was captured on surveillance footage.

According to police, the 28-year-old mother, identified as Kenya Butler, was seen on video telling her 7-year-old daughter to take the bag from an unattended booth. The mother and her three children were dining at the restaurant when the incident occurred.

After the footage was released to the media, Butler was identified by police and arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor and theft by taking. She was taken into custody on March 13 and made her $2,300 bond the same night. It is unclear at this time why Butler allegedly instructed her daughter to steal the purse.

In the video, the mother can be seen telling her daughter to take the purse, while a man with tattoos on both arms appears to be watching the situation. After the purse is taken, the group quickly leaves the restaurant without paying their bill, which amounts to over $500.

Police are now seeking to identify and speak with the man seen in the video who was wearing a white shirt with the words "Fake love, rich sex" on it. The restaurant has not made a statement about the incident.

This incident has raised concerns about the influence parents have on their children's behavior. Many are wondering why Butler would involve her young daughter in such criminal activity and what motivates individuals to commit theft.

Some experts believe that parents who engage in criminal activities may become desensitized to the consequences of their actions and may see their children as extensions of themselves. Others suggest that poverty or financial difficulties may drive individuals to commit theft.

It is important to note that the 7-year-old daughter is not facing any charges and is not in trouble with the law. However, this incident has sparked a debate about age-appropriate punishment and the impact of a parent's actions on their children's behavior.

In response to the incident, Sergeant Dalton of the Newnan Police Department emphasized the importance of parents setting a good example for their children. He stated that "the actions of a parent can greatly influence and shape a child's behavior."

This case also brings attention to the issue of restaurant theft, which is a common occurrence in many establishments. Restaurant owners and managers are constantly battling theft and are now implementing new security measures to prevent such incidents from happening.

The Juicy Crab has not commented on the incident, but it is likely that they will review their security measures and consider implementing stronger protocols to prevent such incidents in the future. This incident serves as a reminder for both parents and restaurant owners to take necessary measures to ensure the safety and well-being of their children and customers.

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