Maryland Dem Grovels After Her Words Come Back To Haunt Her

Council Member Kristin Mink of Montgomery County in Maryland issued an apology on Sunday, days after she faced criticism from the Muslim community for making controversial remarks about their children at an MCPS board meeting.

At the Tuesday board meeting, Muslim children spoke out for their right to opt out of LGBTQ+ lessons they felt violated their faith. In response, Mink said the issue "has unfortunately put some Muslim families on the same side of an issue as White supremacists and outright bigots."

In a Sunday statement, Mink acknowledged that her comments created an opportunity for "misunderstanding and mischaracterization" and apologized to the Muslim community for the hurt her remarks caused.

"I apologize," she said, adding that she looked forward to continuing to work with members of the Muslim and LGBTQIA+ communities.

Despite Mink's claim that she understands the Muslim community's position in light of her conversations with them prior to the board meeting, Ismail RoyerDirector of the Islam and Religious Freedom Action Team for the Religious Freedom Institutetold Fox News Digital that he was "shocked" by her statements.

"We were really disappointed because we had all been speaking to her before meeting, and she was nodding along and seeming like she was at least understanding our point of view even if she didnt agree with it. But then for her to go and say Muslim views are the same as White supremacists I was shocked," he said.

Royer added that many people were so disturbed by Mink's comments that they left the meeting.

Mink, a public school teacher at MCPS and former county council member, said in her statement that her remarks were "focused on promoting inclusion." She wore a shirt with the wordsLove. Empathy. Compassion. Inclusion. Justice. Kindness. during her address.

Fox News Digital reached out to Mink for comment on allegations that she has blasted individuals before for being "Zionist Jews" and calling for "White women" to be struck down from leadership to "dismantle White power," but did not immediately receive a response.

Although Mink has apologized for her Tuesday comments regarding Muslim children, the Montgomery County Muslim community is still seeking reparations and promises from the council memberespecially regarding her past statements. For now, the Muslim community is waiting to hear what they can expect in the future from Mink.

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