Leftist Darling Turns on Own Party in Stunning Segment

Liberal comedian Bill Maher is making headlines once again for his scathing New Rules segment on his show Real Time with Bill Maher. This time, Maher directed his humor and fire at the progressive left, exposing their appallingly limited grasp of history.

Maher began by addressing the recent surge in antisemitism, pointing out that while it's the world's oldest form of bigotry, this recent wave is different. Social media has made it easier for hateful messages to spread like a virus, resulting in what Maher described as a volcano erupting.

He then turned his attention to the woke left, who have been vocal in their anti-Israel sentiments. Maher defended Israel, stating that the world would be a better place if there were more nations like it, including the United States. He dismantled the left's narrative that Israel is a colonizing state and an outpost of Western civilization in the Middle East, pointing out that Western ideals have given us freedom of speech, religious liberty, a free press, and more.

Maher went on to explain how great thinkers like Martin Luther King Jr., Henry David Thoreau, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau were influenced by Western ideas and values. He criticized the left's misguided belief that Western civilization is solely responsible for the world's problems, dismissing it as a narrow-minded view of oppressed and oppressor.

The HBO host also touched on the current education system, stating that it has become the "white people ruin everything" class. He criticized the overcorrection of focusing solely on African and Middle Eastern studies, stating that while there is value in these courses, they should not replace teaching about the ideas that have shaped Western civilization.

Maher used the example of Genghis Khan, an actual colonizer who killed 40 million people but is also credited with having one of the largest harems in history, possibly leading to millions of descendants today. He pointed out that while individuals and leaders may have been flawed, the ideas and values that have come out of Western civilization have ultimately improved the lives of many.

Maher's overarching message was a defense of Western civilization and the importance of teaching its history and ideals. He concluded by urging the left to stop dismissing Western civilization as contradictory and to recognize the significant impact it has had on the world.

However, Maher couldn't resist poking fun at the Republican party, stating, "You're thinking of moderate Republicans," when addressing the use of the term "Western civilization."

Maher's bold and humorous segment highlighted the dangers of blindly following woke ideology and the importance of understanding history and its impact on society. In typical Maher fashion, he delivered a thought-provoking message laced with witty jokes, leaving viewers entertained and educated.

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