Kamala Harris Give Comments On SC

On the campaign trail in South Carolina, Vice President Kamala Harris stood up for President Joe Biden amid concerns about his mental capacity. In an interview with ABC News’s “This Week,” Harris defended Biden’s sharpness and intelligence, assuring voters that he is more than capable of performing his job.

As the 2022 midterm elections draw closer, many Americans have expressed doubts about Biden’s ability to lead at the age of 81. However, Harris, who spends a lot of time with the president, vouched for his capabilities, saying that he has the “ability to see around the corner” and anticipate challenges facing the nation. She also praised his intelligence and strategic thinking in the Oval Office and the Situation Room.

Harris’ remarks come at a time when Biden and his administration have been facing criticism on multiple fronts, including the recent withdrawal from Afghanistan and ongoing issues with the COVID-19 pandemic. As polls show a potential struggle for the Biden-Harris ticket in a hypothetical rematch against former President Donald Trump, Harris remained confident, saying, “If it is Donald Trump, we’ve beat him before, and we’ll beat him again.”

The vice president emphasized the need to not take anything for granted in an election. She stated that regardless of the opponent, the campaign must work hard to earn every vote. According to Harris, this is the only way to approach any election, and she has personally learned the importance of not becoming complacent in previous races.

One of the challenges that the Biden-Harris campaign faces, specifically with black voters, is relaying their accomplishments for the community. Harris acknowledged that earning the votes of the black community requires proactive efforts and communication. She stated, “You got to earn the votes,” and highlighted the importance of responding to the needs of the community and effectively communicating the administration’s work.

As the Biden-Harris ticket seeks re-election, Harris believes that their record of accomplishments will speak for itself. She pointed to the support they have received on the ground in South Carolina, with people “applauding quite loudly” at their achievements. However, Harris also acknowledged the importance of continuing to earn supporters’ trust and votes in the upcoming election.

When asked about the administration’s response to concerns from the black community, Harris acknowledged the need for ongoing work and improvement in addressing issues affecting the community. She also highlighted the importance of educating and informing the public about the work that has been done so far. Harris stated that their challenge is to spread awareness and let people know “who brought it to them.”

In the months leading up to the election, Harris stressed the importance of staying focused and working hard to earn the re-election. She assured voters that their administration is committed to addressing the needs and concerns of all Americans, and will continue to do so in the next term.

As the Biden-Harris campaign ramps up its efforts, Harris’ words serve as a reminder of the challenge ahead and the determination required to earn the trust and votes of the American people.

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