Jessica Simpson’s Reason For Moving Is Getting A Lot Of Attention

For decades, Los Angeles has served as the global epicenter for celebrities and entertainment, but that reputation could soon be shifting. Jessica Simpson, a pop icon of the early 2000s, recently disclosed that her family is considering a permanent move to Nashville this summer — and they aren't alone.

Simpson opened up about her family’s potential move to the Music City while at an event in Los Angeles, noting how staying in Nashville has affected her already. “Being in Nashville, even my kids are like, ‘You laugh the whole time. You’re so happy,’” she said. “It’s because I’m not on guard, I’m with a lot of like-minded people. It’s not about the celebrities — it’s really about the music and the heart and the conversation.”

Simpson’s not the only one considering this shift. Fellow celebrities have also opened up about their desire to relocate away from Los Angeles. Musicians Katy Perry and Matthew McConaughey, actress James Van Der Beek, actor Chris Hemsworth, and podcaster Joe Rogan have all made the move to other cities, all citing the same desire to get away from the hustle of the city. It's become an increasingly popular trend of late, with many celebrities deciding they want to start a new in new places, away from Hollywood.

The changing times have also led to Simpson becoming more confident about her return to music. After taking an extended hiatus, she now feels ready to jump back in with her own creative ideas, noting that she’s “building her own platform” without the help of a record label guiding her.

For those who want to know what Simpson has been up to during her stay in Nashville, she jokingly revealed at the event that she had to get creative in her new home. “I used thumb tacks to hang these $40 curtains up so I wouldn’t wake up with the sun,” she said. “I put together a TV with a butter knife. I was looking for a screwdriver, but I went to the wrong place. I went to Walgreens, I got lip gloss instead.”

Though it’s unclear if the Simpson family is planning to call Nashville home for good, their potential move serves as another example of the changing times and the growing exodus of celebrities from Hollywood. Simpson has long been a fan-favorite and no doubt her fans are eager to see what she’ll be cooking up with her time in Tennessee.

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