Grassley Releases Report That Busts Narratives

The explosive revelation that former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter may have coerced Ukrainian executive Mykola Zlochevsky for a payoff has been made public by Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) this week.

The FD-1023 form, which was released by Grassley on Thursday, shows that Zlochevsky told an FBI informant in 2016 that it would cost "5 [million] to pay one Biden, and 5 [million] to another Biden."

The form further states that Zlochevsky suggested that Hunter Biden was hired by Burisma to ensure "everything will be okay," but adds that it's unclear when exactly the alleged payments would have been made.

In an addendum to the report from June 2020, the source told investigators that Zlochevsky claimed to have 17 recordings of conversations with the Bidens — two of which involved Joe — and that he was convinced the recordings and other evidence show he was “somehow coerced into paying the Bidens to ensure Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin was fired."

Grassley released a statement in response to the report, saying: “What did the Justice Department and FBI do with the detailed information in the document? And why have they tried to conceal it from Congress and the American people for so long?”

The new revelations about the Bidens' involvement with Burisma has rekindled rumors of illegal activities, with some suggesting "pay-to-play" schemes coming out of the Obama White House.

That said, no evidence has been presented to show that Joe Biden or his son Hunter influenced the firing of Shokin.

The Biden campaign has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, with a campaign spokesperson telling Fox News: "There is not one shred of decent evidence to support the false and discredited conspiracy-mongering by the President and his allies in Congress."

The Biden campaign is now calling on the Justice Department to conduct an investigation into the entire matter and to determine the veracity of the accusations.

In the meantime, many are still questioning why there was a delay in the release of theFD-1023 form, and why Congress was not given access to its contents.

With the upcoming election just a few months away, it remains to be seen how this story will unfold, and if the American people will ever get the answers they deserve.

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