Grammy-Winning Singer Rushed To Hospital Over Blood Clots

Grammy-Award-winning singer and songwriter Tori Kelly was hospitalized this week after suffering a sudden health scare that is being described as “really serious” by those close to her.

According to sources, Kelly was at dinner with friends in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday evening when her heart began to race rapidly. She lost consciousness and was reported as “out for a while” afterward. Her friends decided to take her to the nearby Cedars-Sinai Medical Center instead of calling an ambulance.

Upon arriving at the renowned hospital, Kelly was taken to the intensive care unit where doctors discovered blood clots in her legs and lungs. They are still determining if there are any clots around her heart. Kelly has reportedly been in and out of consciousness throughout her hospitalization.

Social media has been abuzz with well wishes for the young singer ever since news of her health scare first surfaced. Some fans have united under the hashtag “#PrayForTori” and shared support on both Twitter and Instagram.

Kelly has been in the music industry for the better part of a decade, ever since releasing her first EP as a 14-year-old music prodigy back in 2012. She achieved widespread critical acclaim for her songs, “Nobody Love” and “Hollow”, eventually winning her first Grammy Award for Best Gospel Performance/Song in 2019.

Kelly is not the only young celebrity to have suffered from a medical emergency in the last few months, with actor Shia Labeouf and rapper Lil Wayne both being hospitalized for separate health issues.

At press time, Kelly remains in the hospital and doctors continue to assess the situation. Fans have been sharing messages of positivity and hope all week and a variety of celebrities have taken to social media to lend their support to the singer. Well wishes are continuing to flood in for Kelly, who has yet to make any statement regarding her health.

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