Former Official Comments On Biden Mandate

Former EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler criticized President Joe Biden for pushing strict electric vehicle mandates on the American people without having the proper infrastructure in place.

On a recent appearance on Fox News, Wheeler slammed the Biden administration for its plan to have 50% of all new car sales be electric vehicles by 2030, and a new EPA regulation calling for 67% of new car sales to be EVs by 2032. Wheeler argued that Biden is attempting to force Americans into electric vehicles regardless of the cost or environmental impact.

Wheeler also called out the slow and wasteful spending of the Biden administration when it comes to supporting infrastructure for electric vehicles. He pointed out that despite $7.5 billion being allocated for electric chargers in 2021, only one charger has been built so far. This slow pace and minimal results show that the Biden administration's plan is not feasible and could potentially harm the American people who are being forced into this shift.

Not only is the Biden administration wasting taxpayers' money, but they are also making the United States more dependent on China. According to Wheeler, a shift towards electric vehicles would require a significant amount of rare earth minerals, which are mainly sourced from China. This puts the US at risk of relying on a country with questionable environmental and safety standards for its workers. The recent explosion at a Chinese-owned nickel factory in Indonesia that killed 18 people further emphasizes the dangers of being dependent on China for these minerals.

In his interview, Wheeler made it clear that he is not against electric vehicles. He believes in consumer choice and thinks people should have the option to buy them if they desire. However, he strongly opposes the government's attempts to force Americans into these vehicles, especially when there is no proper infrastructure or support in place. This could lead to significant financial burdens for American families and could harm the economy.

Not only would the shift toward electric vehicles hurt American families financially, but it could also have adverse effects on the environment. Wheeler noted that the production of electric vehicles relies heavily on the mining of rare earth minerals, which can have a detrimental impact on the environment. Furthermore, Wheeler pointed out that China, where most of these minerals are sourced, does not have good environmental standards in place. This could lead to further ecological damage and harm the planet rather than help it.

The former EPA administrator also highlighted the potential safety hazards associated with electric vehicles. He expressed concerns over the battery production process and the lack of proper standards and regulations in place. As more electric vehicles are manufactured and sold, there could be a rise in accidents and fatalities related to these vehicles. Wheeler believes that the government should not rush into promoting electric vehicles without first addressing these safety concerns.

Wheeler also criticized the government's lack of accountability and transparency regarding the electric vehicle mandate. He called out the fact that these mandates and regulations were implemented without proper public debate or discussion. This does not allow for different perspectives and ideas to be brought to the table, and could ultimately harm the American people.

In his interview, Wheeler also brought attention to the fact that while the Biden administration is pushing for electric vehicles, they are simultaneously hindering the development of other alternative sources of energy. He argued that the government should be promoting a diverse range of energy sources, rather than focusing solely on electric vehicles. This would not only provide more options for consumers but would also help create a more competitive and sustainable energy market.

In conclusion, former EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler slammed the Biden administration for its push toward electric vehicles without proper infrastructure or support in place. He expressed concerns over the wasteful spending, reliance on China, and potential hazards associated with this shift. Wheeler believes in consumer choice and a diverse range of energy sources, rather than forcing one transportation option on the American people. He called for a more transparent and accountable approach from the government when it comes to implementing regulations and mandates such as these.

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