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The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have revealed new intelligence gathered from the ongoing battle with Hamas in the Gaza Strip periphery, highlighting the terrorist group's plan to conquer the area and establish a long-term presence. According to IDF spokesperson Brigadier General Daniel Hagari, equipment, logistical items, and other data found on the battlefield suggest that Hamas was prepared to hold the area for an indefinite period.

The IDF's update comes following intense fighting over the past few days, with terrorists firing more than 5,000 rockets into Israeli territory and the IDF carrying out airstrikes on Gaza. The IDF's response, which has been swift and powerful, has surprised Hamas and disrupted their original plan.

Hagari revealed that three Hamas terrorists were located and killed just south of Ashkelon, the farthest north within the South that any invaders had penetrated. They were discovered in an industrial area, indicating that Hamas had been attempting to infiltrate and attack population centers. The IDF is currently investigating how the terrorists managed to get that far.

In addition to the fighting within the Gaza Strip, the IDF is also engaged in confrontations on five other fronts: the Gaza periphery, Lebanon, Syria, and the West Bank. However, Hagari noted that the overnight attacks from Syria were limited and did not suggest a larger conflict, while those from Lebanon had intensified but remained below the level of a major fight.

The IDF's approach is not to overreact when few Israelis are being harmed, but to swiftly counter any source of fire. Hagari also reported that 18 Hamas terrorists had been killed since Tuesday morning, bringing the total number of terrorists killed in the Gaza periphery to over 1,000 and the overall number to more than 1,500 since the war began.

One key aspect of the IDF's strategy is targeting top Hamas officials. Hagari stated that the airstrikes were coming in large waves, with a focus on killing Hamas leaders who are responsible for orchestrating the attacks against Israel. He also hinted that more Hamas officials had likely been killed, but their names would not be confirmed until Hamas publicly acknowledges their deaths.

The update from the IDF shows that the ongoing conflict with Hamas is far from over. Despite facing attacks on multiple fronts, the IDF remains committed to protecting Israeli citizens and dismantling Hamas' ability to launch attacks. As the situation continues to evolve, the IDF will continue to assess and adapt its strategy to ensure the safety and security of the people of Israel.

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