Dems Social Media Censorship Exposed

The liberal left has an agenda. That agenda is to undermine the core principles of our American democracy and destroy it. The left is striving to make the United States a mirror image of China. They want single-party control over everyone and everything. To accomplish this, the left must erode key American values such as free speech, personal freedom, and family.

For decades, the left has been working to accomplish their devious goals under a shadow of secrecy. They would either deny everything or cast blame on someone else. If Americans questioned any of their bizarre ideological objectives, they’d be called racist, anti-American, or a radical conspiracy nut. In fact, the opposite was true.

But in recent years, the left has stepped out of the shadows. They’re boldly telling everyone exactly what they’re doing. The left has become so emboldened that their arrogance is showing. They simply do not believe that Americans can or will do anything about it. To fulfill their socialist agenda, the left must control speech.

With the rise of social media, speech has been given a new platform for expression. More people are now able to speak their mind. Initially, the left was terrified of such an open forum for public debate. The truth is like sunshine on evil. If too many people shared accurate opinions and facts, the left’s corrupt ambitions would have been shut down long ago.

But they’ve found a new weapon. First, Democrats infiltrated the upper echelons of law enforcement. Subsequently, they’ve weaponized that essential part of our democracy. The left has used their influence at the highest levels of the federal government to suppress speech. Oh, they’ll say that they’re all for open discourse.

However, the evidence says something completely different. If you follow the canned rhetoric that the left wants people to hear, everything is good. But as soon as you talk about something outside their scope of control, they’ve enlisted their cronies in federal law enforcement to devise a scheme to shut you down.

It’s the most blatant attack on the First Amendment in the history of our nation. It’s been going on for some time, but only recently has it been exposed. Whistleblowers have come forward to prove that federal agents urged them to shut down social media discussions about the pandemic, Hunter Biden’s laptop, and the truth about January 6, among other things.

But even after being exposed for this corruption, Democrats are continuing to call for censorship of contradictory viewpoints. The most recent call has to make Americans wonder what’s going on. Most people are aware that the Silicon Valley Bank just collapsed. Understandably, it should have Americans concerned. No one should panic, but people are going to share their opinions.

For whatever reason, Democrats are trying to stop this from happening. They are urging the federal government to censor discussions about what the SVB collapse may mean. The left especially doesn’t want anyone talking about a potential nationwide run on banks. Sure, unhelpful and false information doesn’t do anyone any good.

But people need to be smart enough to make up their own minds. There are experts who say the SVB collapse should be a huge red flag for the financial industry. Others insist that it’s an isolated incident. Regardless, censoring discussion about pending possibilities could create a total collapse. This is the worst course of action to take.

Someone needs to step forward and calm any fears people may have. When Americans are told to “trust the government,” that’s probably the last thing they should do. When Democrats try to block people from discussing a potential financial catastrophe, what are they hiding? With policies that have eaten away at virtually every American’s financial wellbeing, we smell a rat!

But this isn’t so much about the financial pitfalls that liberal policies have created. This is about an ongoing, and now openly ignored, attempt by the left to control and censor speech. Even more dangerous than a financial calamity is the erosion of Americans’ ability to speak freely. Our founding fathers placed the First Amendment first for a reason. It’s the most critical of all. Lose that one, and the rest will tumble.

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