Dem Senator Has A New Look

Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman has released an eye-catching photo of himself on social media, which has caused much uproar on the internet. Critics of the Democratic Legislator are likening him to a character from AMC's wildly popular show 'Breaking Bad'.

The freshman Senator from Pennsylvanian, 53, came out with an image of himself sporting a blocky pair of eyeglasses, a bushy mustache, and the disappearance of his trademark gray goatee.

Fetterman noted that the peculiar look was a result of a bet between himself and his 13-year-old son, Karl.

The image created hundreds of reactions from his followers and other social media users, with some believing he resembles the character Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston) from 'Breaking Bad'. Some jokingly referred to Fetterman as 'the knocks who one' – a play on the show's classic catchphrase. However, there were also those who praised the Senator for his look.

The Senator also disclosed that the image was posted in light of recent surveys done which showed that 50% of Pennsylvanians have made the disapproval of his performance publicly known.

One notable trait of the Senator's new image is the lack of his signature gray goatee, which acted as a distraction from his dizzying performance after his stroke in early last year. Numerous voters have been unaware of the extent of the ailment he's suffered over the past few months, making his new look both intriguing and strategic.

It has yet to be seen what this image means for his career, as some reports suggest the Senator is considering retirement from politics. It's only natural to wonder if this signifies a shift in his overall political career.

Regardless of its relevance to his political situation, the Senator has found himself famously discussed in the media – something he can surely use to his advantage for the foreseeable future.

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