Conservative Author Makes Shocking Claims In New Book

In less than two weeks, "Breaking Biden" will hit bookstore shelves. Written by conservative journalist Robby Soave, the book is the culmination of over a year of research and contains over 1,600 end notes to support its claims. While Soave presents extensive evidence, he also offers his opinion on the subject of the book – President Joe Biden. And according to Soave, we've been getting Biden all wrong.

Soave argues that while many have dismissed Biden as "Sleepy Joe" or a puppet for the establishment, he is actually a man with a singular goal: to be the President of the United States. Soave claims that Biden has been chasing this dream since he was a boy and even envisioned a political dynasty for himself. This drive, according to Soave, has defined Biden's life and led him to become one of the most influential politicians in recent history.

From his time in the Senate, Biden has been a powerful force in shaping the country's political landscape. Soave points out that Biden played a key role in the borking of Robert Bork and the controversial confirmation of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, setting the precedent for character assassination of conservative nominees. Biden also helped craft policies that led to the mass incarceration of black men and later supported legislation that reduced harsh penalties for criminals.

As President, Biden has continued to show both influence and failure. Soave criticizes Biden's handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which was rejected by all sides and left the world in a less stable state. He also blames Biden for record-high energy prices, a struggling movie industry, and shortages of cancer drugs.

In addition to his political career, Soave also delves into the controversies surrounding Biden's family. He argues that Biden's relatives, including his infamous son Hunter, have continuously faced negative attention for their questionable actions and dealings. However, Soave asserts that Biden's most influential circle consists of wealthy donors and allies he has amassed in his 50 years in Washington.

Soave believes that conservatives have underestimated Biden's power and influence, leading to the current predicament. He argues that simply labeling Biden as old and incompetent doesn't cut it and will not result in stopping him. Instead, Soave suggests that the Right must take ownership of the situation, reset the narrative, and share the full picture of who Biden is and what he has accomplished.

If this doesn't happen, Soave warns that things will only worsen under Biden's leadership. Soave's book seeks to provide a deeper understanding of Biden and his impact on the country, in hopes of sparking necessary action to "break Biden" – a mission that, according to Soave, is crucial for the future of the nation.

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