Comey Ruthlessly Mocked, Doesn't Get The Welcome He Hoped For

This past Wednesday night, former FBI Director James Comey attended a book release event and discussion for his new murder mystery novel in Austin, TX, only to be greeted by local radio person, Owen Shroyer, shouting support for Comey in a seemingly sarcastic manner.

Shroyer, who is the host of War Room with Owen Shroyer on InfoWars, arrived at the event and publicly stood in support of Comey, clapping, arms pumping, and shoutingThe deep state hero, James Comey! The Democrat hero, James Comey! He did it! He illegally investigated Donald Trump!

The crowd, which was made up of mostly progressives, began to grumble, Shroyer then went on to ask the crowd to cheer along with him and thank Comey for covering up Hillary Clintons crimes, and for setting up the cover-up of Bidens as well.

This blatant heckling of Comey, a figure who became well-known for his part in the investigation into whether or not Donald Trump colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election, was met with widespread boos by the crowd.

At a certain point, during the conflict, a law enforcement officer arrived, threatening to remove Shroyer from the event. Despite the statement, Shroyer continued to yell, asking technically why the crowd wasnt equally excited to hear of Comeysweaponizing of the FBI against Trump.

The officer then approached Shroyer, offering him a peace offering of two thumbs-up, a sign which was interpreted as Shroyer being allowed to remain in attendance, as long as he quieted down. With this, Shroyer seemed to understand the message and took his seat, responding withWhat the heck? I dont understand, hes a hero. Oh man, Im so excited. I dont know why these people arent just as excited as me, Im sorry for my excitement on this.

Adding to the strangeness of the event, Shroyer is currently awaiting a pending case against him, for reportedly being at the Capitol on January 6 and accompanying Alex Jones. The case remains unresolved.

In the end, James Comeys Austin book promotion left him with more than just publicity. This abstract encounter with Owen Shroyer seems to be a testament to the fame and intrigue that follows the former FBI Director and the events that have shaped his life.

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