CNN Analyst Comments On Hearing & Report

Special Counsel Robert Hur has found evidence of criminality during his investigation into President Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents, according to CNN senior legal analyst Elie Honig.

Honig told CNN anchor Anderson Cooper on Tuesday that Hur’s findings show that Biden and his team misled the public regarding the unintentional mishandling of the documents. Hur testified about his report at the House Judiciary Committee, where Democrats attempted to discredit it.

While some Democratic Party members claim that Hur’s report "exonerated" Biden, Hur himself stated during the committee hearing that he "did not exonerate" the president. According to Honig, Hur’s report did find evidence of criminality on Biden’s part, but he ultimately decided not to recommend charges against the president. This was due in part to Biden’s "poor memory" mitigating his culpability.

Hur ran an extensive and impressive investigation, according to Honig, leaving very little uncovered in his fact-finding. Honig also stated that Hur’s analysis was sound and fair. Hur’s report alleged that Biden held onto classified documents but did not recommend charges. He stated that Biden’s "poor memory" was a factor in this decision.

Despite attempts by some Democratic Party members to discredit Hur’s report, Honig believes the investigation was thorough and well done. He added that some evidence of criminality was found, specifically that Biden knowingly retained classified documents and did not turn them over promptly as he should have. Honig also pointed out that Biden and his team misled the public for months, claiming that the mishandling of the documents was unintentional.

Honig clarified that while some of the documents were unintentionally kept by Biden, it was clear that he kept others intentionally. This contradicts the narrative pushed by Biden and his team that the mishandling was purely unintentional. Honig stated that Hur’s decision not to indict Biden was the right call, though it was a close one. He believed that the evidence found was enough to warrant charges, but ultimately, Hur’s judgment was sound.

Throughout the hearing, Hur was questioned by committee members from both parties. Democrats attempted to discredit the report while Republicans questioned why Hur did not recommend charges. Honig supported Hur’s findings and believed that the investigation was thorough and unbiased. He stated that while some may be tempted to dismiss Hur’s findings, it is important to remember that Hur is a former federal prosecutor with a strong track record.

Overall, Hur’s report highlights the fact that there was some wrongdoing on Biden’s part in the mishandling of classified documents. Honig stressed that Biden and his team did mislead the public and that Hur’s investigation was extensive and well done.

Despite this, Hur ultimately made the decision not to recommend charges against the president. Both Democrats and Republicans will likely continue to debate the matter, but it is clear that Hur found evidence of criminality and that Biden’s actions were not entirely unintentional as previously claimed.

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