Biden's Hope are Decimated Now, ‘Anybody That Breathes Can Knock Him Over’

It is becoming increasingly clear that the re-election prospects of Joe Biden in 2024 have been decimated by the ever-growing classified document scandal. This was admitted by Dick Morris, a former adviser to former Democratic President Bill Clinton, when he spoke recently with John Catsimatidis on WABC radio show, “The Cats Roundtable”.

According to Morris, this is likely the end for Biden due to the fact that these documents found in the Penn Biden Center in Washington D.C., as well as Biden's home and garage in Wilmington, Delaware are places where Hunter Biden may have had access to them. In 2017, following his divorce from his wife Hallie, Hunter listed this Wilmington home as his place of residence while still serving on the board of Burisma and while his father was no longer part of the White House.

Morris also discussed recent poll results which demonstrate that only one quarter of Democrats would like to see Biden running again in 2024. He explained his thoughts on this statistic stating that if someone who holds such a high office cannot acquire more than 25% approval votes from their own party members then they are most certainly in a very weak position with little hope for success. Furthermore, Morris warned that if these documents contained anything related to Hunter Biden's dealings with Ukraine, then it could spell real trouble for Joe Biden due to its direct link to potential bribery scandals involving both father and son.

All in all, Morris believes strongly that this situation will put an end to any chance Joe Biden has at reelection in 2024 and will be devastating for anyone who does support him. This sentiment was summarized simply when Morris said, “It will knock Biden out of the race”. It remains yet unknown what information these documents contain but it is clear even without knowing them exactly just how damaging a situation like this could be for a candidate looking towards their reelection campaign very soon.

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