Biden Turns 4th Of July Event Into Blunderfest

On Tuesday, July 4th, President Joe Biden appeared confused and off-track during a National Education Association (NEA) event, repeating concerns about his ability to be an effective Commander in Chief.

The President has been marred by an array of gaffes throughout his presidency, raising further questions about his health and cognitive decline due to his age. Biden is 78 years old, making him the oldest president in U.S. history. The day before his Independence Day speech, Biden was heckled by a reporter who was removed from the room and yelled at as Biden prepared to speak.

The President seemed to forget what he was saying while he was discussing an education loan forgiveness program he championed, prompting aides to cut off his mic.

Joe Biden also made a cringe-worthy remark saying, "Children are the kite strings - they're not somebody else's children, they're all our children." This statement has been lambasted by critics as "classless" and strange, with many expressing concerns about his ability to stay on the subject and focus effectively.

The event was heavily staged and pre-planned, with First Lady Jill Biden in tow to help guide the President as he exited the stage. Members of the press were also denied access to ask questions of the President, with Biden leaving the event without taking any.

The incident will come as an unwelcome reminder to many about questions of President Biden's age and health, which have long been topics of speculation. However, it is also important to note that Biden is not the only president in history to have experienced such gaffes.

President Trump also experienced a marked decline in his physical and mental faculties over the course of his presidency. It is too early to say for sure if President Biden will be able to remain in good health throughout his time in office, but the incident is a reminder of the importance of keeping an eye on the physical and mental fitness of the Commander in Chief.

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