Biden Speaks At Political Event In SC Comments Catch Attention

In a recent social media post, President Joe Biden's team shared a video of him attacking former President Donald Trump with false claims, raising questions about the competence of the White House staff. The video, which has since been deleted, showed a seemingly unhinged Biden making desperate and demented accusations against Trump. This display of bad judgment has sparked concerns about Biden's mental acuity and the people responsible for managing his social media presence.

The fact-checkers have already debunked the contents of Biden's rant against Trump, making it even more puzzling why his team would choose to share it. This is not the first time Biden has displayed a disregard for facts, as he has previously made false statements about his late son Beau, claiming he was killed in battle when he actually died of cancer in 2015. Such behavior raises serious concerns about the president's grasp of reality and his ability to lead the country.

While Biden and his team are quick to attack Trump, they conveniently ignore the president's own troubling comments and actions toward the military. In a recorded video, Biden can be heard calling members of the military "stupid bastards" and demanding that they clap for him. This disrespectful behavior not only shows a lack of respect for those who sacrifice their lives for their country but also reflects poorly on the president's character and judgment.

The recent events in Afghanistan have also shed light on Biden's failure to prioritize the safety and well-being of the military. The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan resulted in the deaths of 13 American soldiers, and Biden's response to the grieving families has been less than satisfactory. Witnesses have reported that he kept checking his watch and talking about his late son while the bodies of the fallen soldiers were being brought home. This callous behavior has caused outrage and further calls into question Biden's fitness for office.

Furthermore, it was Biden's flawed policies and lack of planning that ultimately led to the deaths of those brave soldiers. Despite numerous warnings, he failed to anticipate and prevent the attacks, leaving the military exposed and vulnerable. The families of the fallen soldiers have been denied the answers they deserve, as Biden and his administration continue to deflect and evade responsibility for their mistakes. In stark contrast, former President Trump personally met with the families of fallen soldiers and offered them comfort and support.

Biden's weak stance on Iran has also put the military in harm's way. His coddling of the country and release of funds has only emboldened the Iranian regime. The recent attacks on American soldiers in Iraq by Iranian-backed militias are further proof of this dangerous relationship. Unlike Trump, who took decisive action against Iran by eliminating key figures like Qasem Soleimani, Biden has failed to make any real efforts to address the threat.

The recent attack in Iraq, which resulted in the deaths of three American soldiers, is a grim reminder of the consequences of Biden's ineffective policies and lack of action. His reluctance to acknowledge and address the threat posed by Iran has only made the situation worse, leading to further loss of life and endangering the safety of American troops. It is time for Biden to drop the pretense of "proxies" and acknowledge the true culprit behind these attacks: the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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