Biden Regime Guns Down 150 Cattle Against Ranchers' Wishes

The recent news about the US Forest Service getting approval to shoot down 150 feral cattle in southwestern New Mexico has shocked many Americans. The Biden regime has given the green light to hunt these cows from helicopters with sharpshooters, just like they would hunt boars. This barbaric move has raised eyebrows and sparked outrage among ranchers and animal rights activists alike.

What's even more shocking is that while the government is busy shooting down cows, they let a Chinese spy balloon fly across the country without taking any action. This double standard is unacceptable and raises questions about the priorities of our government.

The decision to shoot down these "unauthorized" cattle comes after complaints from hikers and environmentalists who claim that these feral cows are trampling habitats and threatening wildlife in the Gila Wilderness. However, ranchers argue that these cows have been grazing on public lands for generations and are an important part of their livelihoods.

Many ranchers are outraged by this decision, as it will not only impact their businesses but also their way of life. They argue that there are better ways to manage these feral cattle, such as rounding them up and relocating them to other areas where they won't cause harm.

Animal rights activists have also voiced their concerns about this move, stating that it's cruel and unnecessary to shoot down these cows from helicopters. They argue that there are more humane ways to manage these animals.

According to Property Rights Committee Chair Shad Sullivan, the “cattle in question are descendants of herds that legally grazed on rancher-owned allotments decades ago,” and “estrays may have intermingled with adjacent allotment owners branded and tagged cattle, proving they are domestic livestock,” contrary to the Forest Service’s claim the cattle are “feral.” Sullivan also noted that a fire last year “destroyed over 30 miles of fencing near the aerial gunning operation area.”

In Sullivan’s view, “not only is the gunning down of the animals inhumane and cruel, but an environmental issue as well.” He added that the results of last year’s chopper hunt “were in some cases considered grotesque, as some cattle were shot but were not killed,” “calves were left motherless, and mature cattle received injuries that prolonged suffering, leading to an inevitable death and leaving carcasses strewn about the land and in waterways.”

In conclusion, the decision by the Biden administration to approve shooting down cows from helicopters has sparked outrage among ranchers and animal rights activists alike. It's a barbaric move that raises questions about our government's priorities. While complaints about trampled habitats and threatened wildlife should be taken seriously, there are better ways to manage these feral cattle than resorting to violence. We must find a solution that balances both environmental concerns and the livelihoods of those who depend on these animals for their businesses.

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