Biden Preens To The CCP Only To Be Humiliated By Them The Next Day

President Joe Biden's cowardly prostrations before the Chinese Communist Party have only enabled the nation's dangerous behavior, and the CCP's actions since demonstrate they have full confidence that Biden is unable to take a strong stance against them.

On Saturday, Biden touted an absurd and unsubstantiated argument in defense of the CCP when fielding questions about US tensions with China while departing Air Force One. He claimed that a Chinese spy balloon that traversed much of the continental United States was not a strategic move and that the CCP leadership was not even aware of what the balloon was doing.

Not surprisingly, Biden's woeful attempt at boycotting the CCP's adversarial nature achieved nothing. When Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived on Sunday to hold more fruitless talks, the CCP shamelessly snubbed him, sending a low-ranking official instead of rolling out the red carpet and entertaining him with the protocol afforded to a high-ranking diplomat.

Clearly, China sees Biden as weak and ineffective, and it's not hard to fathom why: he is weak and ineffective. His continuous attempts at groveling at the feet of the Chinese dictatorship with blatant attempts at coddling the regime are nothing short of alarming.

Onlookers are justified in asking why Biden has taken such a passive stance toward China, especially in light of his family's well-publicized connections to the nation. But the bigger and more immediate question Americans should be asking is what kind of danger our nation is in with a president unable to be firm against a nation that openly seeks to spread its influence around the world.

If Xi Jinping is laughing at him, then it is the American people who should be worried. Biden's feeble attempts at cool-headed deference are nothing more than an open invitation for China to continue its dangerous behavior unabated. The US needs a leader who can stand his ground and not bow down to the whims of a dictatorship, especially one that has committed genocide and continues to terrorize its people.

Only then can we hope to reach a reasonable resolution to the struggles our nation currently faces, and only then can we find the security and stability we desperately need. This is not the time for meekness and half-hearted efforts. It is time for an American leader willing to fight for the safety and security of our nation.

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