Biden Motorcade Involved In Car Accident

On Sunday night, a scary incident took place as President Joe Biden was leaving his campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware. As he was walking towards his waiting armored SUV, a sedan suddenly crashed into a U.S. Secret Service vehicle that was being used to close off intersections near the office.

According to reports, the sedan driver attempted to continue into a closed-off intersection before being surrounded by Secret Service personnel with their guns drawn. Videos posted on social media by journalist Max Lewis show Biden pausing and looking over to the sound of the crash before being quickly ushered into his vehicle.

Thankfully, the incident did not result in any injuries to the President, his wife First Lady Jill Biden, or any of the Secret Service agents. Despite the chaos, Biden and his wife were able to return home safely.

In a statement provided to Newsweek, Special Agent Steve Kopek, a spokesperson for the Secret Service, confirmed the incident and assured the public that there was no immediate threat to the President. He also asked any further questions regarding the incident to be directed to the Wilmington Police Department.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Wilmington Police Department told Newsweek that they are currently investigating the motor vehicle collision and working to determine if impairment was a factor. They also noted that no injuries were reported in the incident.

Social media users were quick to raise questions about the Secret Service's response to the incident. Many wondered why it took the agents several seconds to react and why they did not shoot at the sedan driver. Others also questioned the lack of barricades or security measures in place to prevent such incidents from happening.

This incident highlights the rigorous job of the Secret Service in protecting the President and the potential dangers they face on a daily basis. Despite the criticism, their quick response and efficiency in ensuring the President's safety should be commended.

President Joe Biden's motorcade is a heavily guarded and highly organized process, with Secret Service agents surveying the routes beforehand and securing intersections to safely transport the President to his destination. However, as seen in this incident, tragedies can still occur, emphasizing the need for constant vigilance and security measures.

The incident is still under investigation, and more details are expected to be released in the coming days. As for now, the safety of President Joe Biden and all those surrounding him remains a top priority, and the Secret Service will continue to do their utmost to ensure that.

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