Biden Calls For Pause After Protestor

President Joe Biden speaks at Dutch Creek Farms in Northfield, Minn., Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2023. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

President Joe Biden called for a "humanitarian pause" in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict on Wednesday, during a campaign speech that was interrupted by a protester calling for a cease-fire.

"I think we need a pause," Biden stated a subtle departure from his previous stance on the crisis. The president has faced increasing pressure from human rights groups, world leaders, and members of his own Democratic Party to take action to end the violence in the Middle East.

Biden's call for a pause was seen as an exertion of pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been heavily criticized for the Israeli military's response to Hamas' rocket attacks on Israel. The conflict, now in its fourth week, has left thousands dead and has resulted in a dire humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. The United States has repeatedly stated that it will not interfere in the way Israel handles the situation, but Biden's call for a pause shows a potential shift in the administration's stance.

The White House has refused to call for a cease-fire but has urged Israel to consider allowing humanitarian pauses. The president's comments came as ground troops from Israel have advanced near Gaza City in heavy fighting with militants. Meanwhile, hundreds of foreign nationals and dozens of seriously injured Palestinians were allowed to leave Gaza as part of the ongoing crisis.

U.S. National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby stated earlier on Wednesday that Biden's newly confirmed ambassador to Israel, Jack Lew, would be traveling to the Middle East to support U.S. efforts in creating the conditions for a humanitarian pause.

During his campaign speech in Minneapolis, the president was addressing a crowd of supporters when a woman got up and interrupted him, shouting "Mr. President, if you care about Jewish people, as a rabbi, I need you to call for a cease-fire." The protester was quickly removed by others in the room.

Biden acknowledged the protesters, saying he understood their emotions and noting that the situation was "incredibly complicated" for the Israelis and the Muslim world. He also reaffirmed his support for a two-state solution but reiterated that Hamas is a "flat out terrorist organization."

"I'm the guy," Biden said, referencing his role in convincing both Netanyahu and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi to allow aid into Gaza.

The president's call for a pause in the conflict comes as the United Nations and other international organizations continue to push for a ceasefire. The ongoing violence has also sparked large protests in major cities across the world, including a demonstration of over 1,000 people in Minneapolis near Biden's campaign fundraiser.

As the situation in the Middle East continues to escalate, the international community is closely monitoring the actions taken by both Israel and Hamas in hopes of finding a resolution and bringing an end to the crisis.

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