Another Lawsuit Considering Against Trump

The defamation case between E. Jean Carroll and former President Donald Trump is far from over, as Carroll's lawyer suggests the possibility of launching another lawsuit. According to a report from the New York Times, the lawyer for Carroll, Roberta A. Kaplan, is considering the idea of taking legal action against the former president once again.

The last trial ended in November 2020 when Trump's attorneys filed an appeal in order to fight against the defamation claim. Now, with the possibility of another lawsuit, the legal battle between Carroll and Trump seems far from over.

Kaplan stated that the statute of limitations for defamation in most jurisdictions is between one and three years. This means that there may still be time for Carroll to file another lawsuit against Trump. As she said, "We continue to monitor every statement that Donald Trump makes about our client."

The latest statement from Kaplan came after Trump made comments about the ongoing case in an interview on CNBC on Monday morning. The former president once again denied the accusations made by Carroll, calling them "false." He also expressed his confidence in winning the appeal.

Trump also mentioned that he had to post over $90 million on bond in order to appeal the previous defamation case. This shows the seriousness and intensity of the legal battle between Carroll and Trump.

For those unfamiliar with the case, Carroll accused Trump of raping her in a 2019 magazine article, but she could not recall many details about the event. During the civil trial, Carroll could not remember the exact date or year the incident occurred but believed it happened on a Thursday.

Additionally, she could not remember if there were any other people present at the store where the alleged rape took place. This lack of details caused some doubt among the jurors in the previous defamation case.

Regardless, Carroll's lawyer stands by their client and continues to monitor every statement made by Trump regarding the case. It is clear that the legal battle between Carroll and Trump is far from over, and the possibility of another lawsuit looms over their heads.

Only time will tell if Carroll's team will go through with another legal action against Trump, but for now, the former president seems confident in his ability to fight against the allegations made by Carroll. The ongoing defamation case has already garnered a lot of attention and it is likely that it will continue to do so in the future. We will have to wait and see how the situation unfolds.

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