Trump Discusses Tax Plan While In Philadelphia

Former President Donald Trump made headlines with a $500 tip at a cheesesteak sandwich shop in Philadelphia, coinciding with his campaign proposal to eliminate federal taxes on tips if re-elected. The event took place at Tony & Nick’s Steaks, where Trump, surrounded by a supportive crowd, signed a receipt and declared, "I’m going to give you 500 bucks. You guys all split it up." The crowd's excitement was palpable, with chants of "Trump" filling the air as he showcased the receipt.

In a video posted on social media by a communications aide, Trump could be seen writing “Vote Trump” and “No Tax on Tips” with a black Sharpie. His message about tax-free tips received enthusiastic cheers from the audience, highlighting the resonance of his proposal among his supporters.

Nicky Lucidonio, the owner of Tony & Nick’s Steaks, described Trump’s visit as a surprise, noting that it followed an order of about 200 sandwiches. Lucidonio shared his excitement with Fox News, stating, “It was just unbelievable. He was talking to people, you know, they’re asking questions. He’s answering them. He’s signing hats. He signed everything.” He added, “We’re all taking pictures with him. What a great man, you know. We’re all here rooting for him. You know, this November, we gotta get him in.”

During his rally at Temple University, Trump reiterated his commitment to changing the tax code to exempt tip income from federal taxes. He urged his supporters to spread the message, saying, “Every time you leave a tip for the next five months, make sure to write on the receipt, ‘Vote Trump for no tax on tips!’”

This proposal was initially introduced by Trump two weeks prior in Las Vegas. He emphasized the importance of supporting workers in tipping industries, stating, “Those people that have jobs in restaurants or whatever the job may be, a tipping job, we’re not going after it for taxes anymore, that will be ended.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), a staunch supporter of Trump, expressed her enthusiasm for the plan on social media. She posted a photo of a receipt with the message “VOTE TRUMP! No tax on tips!!” and encouraged her followers to do the same. Greene later co-sponsored a House GOP bill, led by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), aiming to amend the Internal Revenue Code to exempt tips from income and employment taxes.

The proposed legislation, named the “Tax Free Tips Act,” draws inspiration from former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul’s efforts to eliminate federal taxation on tips. This move underscores the ongoing support within certain segments of the GOP for reducing the tax burden on tipped workers.

Trump’s $500 tip and his broader tax proposal have generated significant attention and support, reflecting a strategic effort to connect with working-class voters and restaurant industry employees. As the campaign progresses, this initiative is likely to remain a focal point of Trump’s platform, appealing to both his base and undecided voters who stand to benefit from such tax relief.

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