Schiff Comments On Border

The situation at the US-Mexico border continues to worsen under the leadership of President Joe Biden.

According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), last month saw a record-breaking number of encounters with over 300,000 illegal aliens entering the country. This number does not even include those who successfully crossed without being encountered by the CBP. The severity of this crisis is evident in the use of forklifts by CBP agents to lift razor wire and allow mass entry of illegal aliens.

In response to this dire situation, Texas has declared its right to defend its state. However, some Democrats are even urging Biden to federalize the Texas National Guard, further escalating the situation. While a few Democrats, such as Senator John Fetterman, have spoken out about the border crisis, others seem to remain silent on the issue. Notably, Representative Adam Schiff, who is currently vying for a Senate seat, made a statement on social media that sparked a lot of controversy.

In his statement, Schiff claimed that most of the illegal aliens entering the US are doing so to flee violence, citing the Holocaust as an example. This statement is factually deceptive as most of the illegal aliens are actually entering for economic reasons, not because they are fleeing violence. Many pointed out the irony of invoking the Holocaust when most of the illegal aliens were not facing a similar situation. Furthermore, Schiff's own family history does not align with his claims, as his parents and grandparents were all born in the US. It is likely that they entered the country legally, unlike the illegal aliens that Schiff sympathizes with.

This is not the first time that Schiff has been called out for spreading misleading information about the border crisis. He previously shared a false story about Texas officials preventing the CBP from saving illegal aliens who were supposedly drowning near Eagle Pass while attempting to enter the US illegally. Despite the story being debunked, Schiff kept the tweet up until it caught the attention of others. It was only removed after being exposed and receiving criticism.

In addition to securing the border, there is a need to improve the legal entry process for those with valid asylum claims. However, instead of addressing this issue, Democrats seem more focused on facilitating the illegal entry of individuals. This does a disservice to those who are attempting to enter legally and undermines the efforts of law enforcement agencies trying to secure the border. It is clear that the Biden administration's policies are not only failing to address the crisis, but they are actively contributing to making it worse.

The CBP and other law enforcement agencies are faced with an overwhelming influx of illegal aliens, and they are ill-equipped to handle it on their own. It is the responsibility of the federal government to step up and address this crisis before it spirals out of control. The situation at the border is not just about immigration, it is a matter of national security and human rights. The safety and well-being of both American citizens and those seeking to enter the US legally are at risk.

As the number of illegal entries continues to rise, it is imperative for all elected officials to address this issue and work towards finding a solution. The border crisis cannot be ignored any longer, and it is time for action and accountability from our elected leaders. The lives of those involved in this crisis, be it the illegal aliens or law enforcement agents, are at stake. It is the duty of our government to prioritize the safety and security of our nation and its people.

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