Reese Technical Foul Rescinded

Ladies and gentlemen, grab your popcorn because the drama in the WNBA is reaching new heights! The league has made a surprising decision to rescind the second technical foul called on Chicago Sky forward Angel Reese, adding another twist to the ongoing saga of rookie sensations Reese and Caitlin Clark.

So, what went down? On Tuesday, Angel Reese received two technical fouls during the Chicago Sky's game against the New York Liberty. These fouls, which led to her ejection, were a result of her arguing with the referee after being called for her fifth personal foul. The first technical was for “disrespectfully” addressing the official, and the second was for waving her hand in frustration. However, on Wednesday, the WNBA decided to erase the second technical foul from the records without providing any explanation, according to The New York Times.

This turn of events comes after Chicago Bulls player Lonzo Ball offered to pay Reese's fine, showing the level of support and attention the incident has garnered. The decision to rescind the foul has left many, including Sky coach Teresa Weatherspoon, baffled. "I tried to get an explanation. I did not," Weatherspoon told ESPN. "I don’t know to this moment what has happened."

Meanwhile, the buzz around Reese and fellow rookie Caitlin Clark continues to dominate discussions about the WNBA. Commentator Dan Patrick weighed in on the situation, emphasizing that while Reese has gained attention through her bold personality, it’s Clark who has truly put the WNBA in the spotlight in 2024. "Reese sells the sizzle of her personality, but Clark is the reason the WNBA is a household name," Patrick said on his radio show.

Patrick pointed out that Reese’s notoriety is partly due to her interactions with Clark, starting from when Reese mocked Clark after winning the national title. This rivalry has captured the public’s imagination, with Reese often playing the role of the villain, much like NBA's Draymond Green. Patrick noted that Reese has effectively used social media to boost her profile, but it’s Clark’s performance on the court that has drawn people to the WNBA.

Despite the league's long history, it’s Clark’s presence that has significantly increased the WNBA's visibility. "WNBA has been around a couple of decades and people didn’t notice the game — they’re noticing it now. Well, that’s because of Caitlin Clark, not Angel Reese," Patrick asserted.

While Angel Reese continues to make waves with her on-court antics and social media prowess, Caitlin Clark’s consistent and stellar performances are credited with bringing more eyes to the WNBA. Patrick summed it up by saying, "Clark is the reason why everybody has an opinion on what happened in that game."

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