Questions Raised About Confusing Social Media Post From WH

President Biden faced backlash on social media after he appeared to endorse a total cease-fire in Israel’s ongoing conflict with Hamas. In a post on his personal X account, the president argued that continuing the war would give Hamas what they seek: "a path of terror, violence, killing, and war."

Critics were quick to interpret Biden’s statement as a call for a total cease-fire, which they argued would hand an enormous victory to Hamas. Florida’s X press secretary Jeremy Redfern accused Biden of spreading lies, stating that a majority of Palestinians in Gaza support the Oct. 7 terrorist attack and do not want a two-state solution.

Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen also expressed concern, writing that the only way for Israelis and Palestinians to live side by side in peace is if Hamas is destroyed. Senator Eric Schmitt of Missouri echoed these sentiments, questioning where the president stood on the current crisis and urging him not to pivot away from his strong support for Israel.

Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich called Biden’s tweet "weird and unclear," while former Congressman Joe Walsh implored the president not to go "wobbly" on Israel and delete the tweet. Walsh also noted that America as a whole supports Israel, and Hamas’ true intention is to stay in power and destroy Israel.

Many others on social media expressed their disappointment and confusion over Biden’s statement, with some pointing out the stark difference in his rhetoric when it comes to Ukraine and Israel. Former Columbia University researcher Richard Hanania noted that while Hamas was trying to negotiate a cease-fire, Biden was essentially saying that Israel could not continue to defend itself.

Despite pressure from far-left Democrats to call for a cease-fire, Biden and his allies have largely stood by Israel’s right to defend itself. This response has led to protests at both the White House and the president’s Nantucket vacation home. However, some fear that the president’s recent statement may indicate a shift in his stance on the conflict.

Biden’s tweet comes as Israel continues a temporary cease-fire with Hamas in order to receive hostages. The president’s words have also sparked concerns over whether he is endorsing a total cease-fire and potentially giving Hamas what they seek: a pause in the fighting that would allow them to regroup and continue their attacks on Israel. As the conflict continues to escalate, the world is watching to see how President Biden will navigate the delicate situation and support both Israel’s right to defend itself and the need for a peaceful resolution.

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