Post About Costco’s Hot Dog Deal Draws Debate Online

In a recent twist that showcases the gap between political narratives and business realities, the X account "Biden's Wins" attempted to attribute a business decision to President Biden's policies. However, anyone with practical retail experience could see through this claim.

"Biden's Wins," which claims to be the "largest online community of President Biden’s supporters," aims to highlight the president's achievements. With roughly 369,600 supporters, it probably is the largest of its kind. However, the content it shares often stretches the truth to cast the administration in a favorable light.

A recent post from "Biden's Wins" gave President Biden credit for Costco’s decision to maintain the price of its hot dog combo at $1.50. The account claimed, "BREAKING: Due to President Biden’s hard work on lowering costs, Costco’s new Finance Chief has announced $1.50 hot dogs are here to stay."

X users quickly debunked this claim, providing necessary context. The low price of Costco's hot dog combo is a classic example of a "Loss Leader" strategy. This tactic involves offering a product at a loss to attract customers, who are then likely to purchase other higher-margin items. X readers emphasized that this decision was unrelated to the Biden administration’s policies.

They even linked a CNN article explaining that Costco is willing to lose money on its hot dogs to retain customer loyalty. Adjusted for inflation, the hot dog combo, which has been priced at $1.50 since 1985, would now cost $4.50.

"Biden's Wins" also misrepresented polling data. The account stated that former President Donald Trump’s polling numbers dropped by six points after his recent conviction for falsifying business records. However, RealClearPolitics data indicated a slight lead for Trump both before and after the verdict. Similarly, the account claimed that Biden's nationwide polling had "skyrocketed" post-verdict, despite a negligible increase from 39.4% to 39.5%.

These posts exemplify the account's tendency to present misleading information, resembling more of a self-parody than credible updates. Such propaganda relies on the assumption that its audience will accept these claims without scrutiny.

In 2024, with information readily accessible to anyone willing to look, it's challenging to get away with such deceptive tactics. The truth is out there, and while "Biden's Wins" tries to create a favorable narrative, discerning readers can easily separate fact from fiction. So, nice try, leftists, but real-world experience and factual accuracy remain paramount.

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