Old Daniels Interview Clip Goes Viral

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s criminal trial against former President Donald Trump has been a topic of much discussion in recent days. Some have accused the trial of being nothing more than a political show, and now comedian Bill Maher has weighed in on the matter. During a recent episode of his show, “Real Time,” Maher shared a clip from a 2018 interview with “star witness” and adult film actress, Stormy Daniels, where she discussed her alleged sexual encounter with Trump. Maher pointed out how Daniels’ current testimony in court is at odds with what she told him in 2018, raising questions about the credibility of her statements.

Maher went on to discuss how Democrats have been trying to take Trump to trial for the past four years and have been unsuccessful. He mentions how two of the cases against Trump have already been delayed and another seems unlikely to move forward. This leaves only the case involving Daniels, which Maher jokingly refers to as “Stormy or bust.” However, he also points out that there are doubts about Daniels’ reliability as a witness.

During her current testimony, Daniels went into explicit detail about her alleged encounter with Trump, prompting Judge Juan Merchan to deny the defense’s request for a mistrial. This decision by the judge drew criticism from former U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman, who noted the judge’s failure to adhere to rules of evidence that are meant to prevent irrelevant and confusing information from being presented in court. Tolman also accused the judge of participating in a “charade” rather than ensuring that relevant facts were being presented to the jury.

The questionable actions of Judge Merchan do not stop there, as on Friday, a paralegal working for the Manhattan District Attorney’s office admitted that they had deleted some call records between key witness Michael Cohen and Dylan Howard. This raises suspicion about the intentions of the prosecutors, as it is illegal to obstruct an official proceeding, and the deletion of these records could be seen as an attempt to interfere in the trial. The defense also called into question the relevance of certain evidence being presented by the prosecution.

The trial has also diverted attention away from Trump, who is currently engaged in a critical election campaign for the 2024 presidential race. This diversion could also have financial consequences for Trump, as the legal battle requires him to divert resources away from his campaign. It has also been suggested that these trials are a malicious attempt by the State of New York to interfere in the election process and remove Trump’s name from contention. The fact that these trials are happening at a time when Trump is making a potential comeback only adds fuel to the speculation that this is a political maneuver.

Critics of the trial have also pointed to the timing of the proceedings, which seem to be designed to disrupt Trump’s political aspirations. These trials come at a time when it is most advantageous for the prosecution, as any convictions could have a damaging effect on Trump’s chances in the 2024 election. This has led many to question the motives of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and whether their actions are being influenced by outside forces.

Judge Merchan’s handling of the trial has also come under fire, with some calling it a “kangaroo court.” His actions and decisions have raised questions about his impartiality and whether he is allowing irrelevant or misleading evidence to be presented. Some lawyers have even suggested that the prosecution may be engaging in a “show trial,” where the outcome is predetermined and the trial itself is more for public perception than for justice.

The upcoming testimony from Michael Cohen is also raising eyebrows, as he has a history of lying and is motivated by his own personal vendetta against Trump. After pleading guilty to lying before Congress, Cohen has become a key witness for the prosecution, but his credibility has been called into question by the defense. This raises concerns about the motives of the prosecution and whether they are truly seeking justice or have an ulterior political agenda.

In conclusion, the criminal trial against former President Donald Trump has been the subject of much controversy, with many questioning the credibility of the witnesses and the motivations of the prosecutors. The timing of the trials, the actions of the judge, and the involvement of unreliable witnesses all point to a political agenda rather than a genuine pursuit of justice. As the trial continues, it remains to be seen what other revelations will come to light and how it will ultimately impact Trump’s political future.

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