NYT’s Gives Results Of Study

This combination of Sept. 29, 2020, photos shows President Donald Trump, left, and former Vice President Joe Biden during the first presidential debate at Case Western University and Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland, Ohio. The Commission on Presidential Debates says the second Trump-Biden debate will be ‘virtual’ amid concerns about the president's COVID-19. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

A recent focus group conducted by the New York Times among undecided, independent voters from around the country revealed that a majority of the participants selected former President Donald Trump over President Joe Biden. The group of 13 adults, ranging from ages 22 to 64, represented a diverse range of demographic groups.

Out of the 13 participants, 11 said they would vote for Trump if the election were to be held today, while only two said they would back Biden. However, despite their choice of candidate, many of the adults in the group seemed to have a negative opinion of Trump's personality.

When asked to describe the former president with one word, responses such as "conceited," "narcissist," and "egotistical" were given. Yalena, a 22-year-old stay-at-home mother from Alabama, summed it up by saying, "I was just going to say 'crazy.'"

On the other hand, Biden also received some unfavorable reviews from the participants. One person described him as "unfit" for the presidency, while Natalie, a 22-year-old administrative clerk from New Jersey, believed that Generation Z would see Biden as "a little bit senile." Other words used to describe the current president included "disingenuous" and "puppet."

The economy emerged as the top concern for most of the participants, with many indicating that it would be a determining factor in their vote. Other issues, such as immigration, abortion, protecting democracy, and the Israel-Hamas conflict, were also mentioned but ranked lower in importance.

While Trump received some praise for his handling of the economy, Biden was commended for his plans for infrastructure, having "competent staff," and capping prescription prices. However, the participants also had some suggestions for both candidates.

Some believed that Trump should "tone it down" and "stay off Twitter," while others thought that Biden needed to speak more freely and come up with stronger policies to win over more undecided voters.

Despite their differing opinions on the candidates, the overall sentiment among the focus group was bleak. Words like "anxious," "disaster," "abyss," and "bulls***" were used to describe their feelings about the upcoming election.

It is worth noting that Biden and Trump are not the only candidates in the race. Nikki Haley, who is Trump's last major GOP rival, and independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are also in the running.

Two of the participants raised their hands when asked if they were considering voting for a third-party candidate in November, indicating that there may still be room for a surprise in the election.

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