Newsom Border Comments Comes Under Scrutiny

California Governor Gavin Newsom faced criticism this week from border reporters after visiting the U.S.-Mexico border and asserting that he has allocated resources to manage President Joe Biden's border crisis.

Newsom's border visit came amid estimates suggesting that over 10 million illegal aliens have entered the U.S. under the current administration's policies. In a selfie video posted on X, Newsom said, “We’re back down here at the border. Now we’re just down here with the National Guard meeting with Customs agents, as well as Border Patrol, talking about our partnerships. We have 390 National Guardsmen and women that have been working particularly as it relates to fentanyl here in the State of California.”

Newsom shifted blame for Biden's border crisis onto the Republican Party, arguing that they were withholding necessary resources to resolve the issue. He called out Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, saying, “It’s time for them to stop playing politics. It’s time for the Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, to stop playing politics and do the right thing.”

Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin, who frequently reports from the U.S.-Mexico border, reacted to Newsom's video. He said, “Haven’t seen one — not a single one — of these CA National Guard soldiers in Jacumba where the mass illegal crossings of adult men from around the world are taking place.”

Melugin highlighted the overwhelmed state of Border Patrol in San Diego, noting that migrants wander on highways and call Lyfts while waiting to be picked up. He reported that a Border Patrol agent in Jacumba laughed at Newsom’s claim, stating California “isn’t doing s***” to help with illegal crossings, and any soldiers seen there are National Guard from other states working under federal Title 10 orders.

Manny Bayon, President of the Border Patrol union's San Diego area, told Melugin he’s never seen the California National Guard assisting Border Patrol agents. He accused Newsom of sending a message that encourages illegal migration into California, a sanctuary state. Bayon called for real help in controlling illegal migrant flow rather than providing taxpayer-funded programs to illegal migrants. He offered to give Newsom a border tour for firsthand observation.

Another border correspondent noted on X that he hadn’t seen a single CA National Guard member at the border in the past week. Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders questioned Newsom’s motives, suggesting his newfound concern for the border might be election-related.

Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell likened Newsom to “Baghdad Bob,” referencing a notorious propagandist for former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

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