New Twist After Soldier Detained In Russia

On May 2nd, 2022, U.S. Army soldier Staff Sgt. Gordon Black was detained in Russia while visiting a longtime girlfriend in the port city of Vladivostok. The 34-year-old infantry soldier was charged with criminal misconduct and accused of stealing from his girlfriend.

According to the Russian Interior Ministry, Black and his girlfriend had a conflict, and she reported him to the police after finding cash missing from her home. Black had recently out-processed from his duty station in South Korea and was set to report to Fort Cavazos, Texas, but he never made it back.

In a statement released on Thursday, Black's wife, Megan Black, announced that she has hired a divorce lawyer. She also revealed that she had no prior knowledge of her husband's intentions to travel to Russia. She only became aware of his absence when Army investigators reached out to her about his whereabouts.

Her lawyer, Brett Pritchard, further clarified that Megan had no involvement in her husband's decision to visit his girlfriend in Russia and that she believes it was motivated by "entirely personal reasons involving an extra-marital affair." Megan hopes for her husband's safe return to the U.S. as soon as possible.

Gordon Black's mother, Melody Jones, also spoke out about her son's detainment. She believes her son was set up and that his relationship with the Russian woman was "volatile." Jones even suggested that the girlfriend might be a spy. However, despite her suspicions, there is currently no evidence to support these claims.

Meanwhile, Pritchard confirmed that Megan had retained his services in July 2022 to initiate divorce proceedings after nine years of marriage to Gordon. The couple has a 6-year-old daughter together, who has been deeply affected by her father's arrest. Pritchard stated that the divorce proceedings are currently in limbo by a Texas family court as they wait for a resolution to Gordon's incarceration status.

The couple had known each other since 2014 and got married in Belton, Texas, when Gordon was stationed there. It is unclear when their relationship began to deteriorate, but according to Megan's statement, the affair with his Russian girlfriend was ongoing. However, Pritchard emphasized that the divorce is not based on the affairs, but rather on the breakdown of their marriage and the strain it has put on their family.

Gordon's arrest and detainment have also brought to light the strained relations between the U.S. and Russia. With tensions already high between the two countries, this incident only adds to the existing tensions. It is unclear how long Gordon will be detained in Russia, and there is no information on the progress of his case. The U.S. Army has not released a statement about the incident either.

As the situation unfolds, both families are left in a state of uncertainty. Megan Black is dealing with the emotional toll of her husband's arrest and the impact it has had on their daughter. Meanwhile, Gordon Black remains detained in Russia as the legal proceedings continue. Both families hope for a swift resolution to the situation and that Gordon will be able to return home safely.

In the meantime, the U.S. Army continues to provide support and assistance to the Black family, and the Army's Criminal Investigation Command is working with their Russian counterparts to gather more information about the case. The outcome of this incident will have significant consequences for both the Black family and the U.S.-Russia relations.

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