MLB Great Jumps Into Debate

New York baseball legend Mariano Rivera has recently made headlines after publicly declaring his support for former President Donald Trump.

In an interview with local radio station WABC, Rivera stated that he is a "friend" of Trump and believes that another four years under President Joe Biden could be detrimental to the country. The World Series-winning former Yankees player also expressed his fear for his young daughter's future and stressed that only President Trump can turn things around for America.

During the interview with WABC radio host Sid Rosenberg, Rivera emphasized that his decision to support Trump is not based on political leanings, but rather on his personal relationship with the former president. "I'm not a politician. I'm not going for the right or the left. I'm always going for whoever's doing the right thing for the country," he stated. This sentiment was echoed when Rivera was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Trump in 2019, which he described as an "amazing moment."

For Rivera, his admiration for Trump goes beyond their personal relationship. Having grown up in a fishing village in Panama and working his way to the United States, he has a strong appreciation for the opportunities that America has offered him. When he was granted citizenship in 2015, he was also honored with the Outstanding Americans by Choice award for his contributions to the country. In addition to his impressive baseball career, Rivera has also dedicated himself to philanthropic efforts, particularly through his Mariano Rivera Foundation.

However, not all fans of Rivera are supportive of his endorsement of Trump. As a prominent figure in the world of sports, some have criticized him for supporting a divisive and polarizing figure. There were even calls to boycott his restaurants, which were met with a response from Rivera's co-owner defending his right to express his political views. Despite the backlash, Rivera remains steadfast in his support for Trump and for what he believes is best for the country.

When asked about his reasons for supporting Trump, Rivera explained that he is looking at the bigger picture and the potential consequences of a Biden presidency. "I'm very afraid, Mariano, for New York and this world...I've got a 19-year-old daughter, she's gonna turn 20 on Sunday, and a 15-year-old son and I think we need President Trump to win or it could be very, very ugly," said Rosenberg. While Rivera's political views have always been kept private, he felt compelled to speak out and share his perspective, especially as a father.

Rivera's endorsement of Trump serves as a reminder that the world of sports is not immune to political views and that athletes have a platform to share their opinions on important matters. As one of the most respected figures in baseball, Rivera's support for Trump may influence the decisions of some fans. However, it is also an opportunity for individuals to have constructive conversations about differing viewpoints and the importance of exercising our right to vote.

As the U.S. gears up for the upcoming presidential election, it remains to be seen how Rivera's endorsement will impact public opinion. Whether or not it will sway voters, one thing is certain: Rivera's loyalty to his personal relationships and his country is unwavering, and he will continue to use his platform for the betterment of society. In the words of Rivera himself, "Receiving [the Presidential Medal of Freedom] was special." And in the midst of a highly divisive political climate, it is refreshing to see someone standing by their beliefs with conviction and remaining true to themselves.

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