Leonardo DiCaprio Involved IN GOP Probe

Top Republican lawmakers Ted Cruz and James Comer have raised concerns about California-based law firm, Sher Edling's activities regarding climate litigation. In a letter sent to Sher Edling's partners Vic Sher and Matt Edling, Cruz, and Comer have probed into the firm's involvement with dark money and its relationship with a Biden administration official.

In the letter, the lawmakers expressed concern over Sher Edling's targeting of major energy companies nationwide through climate-related lawsuits. They raised questions about the firm's funding, stating that it appears that left-wing funds are financing the firm's climate crusades.

The lawmakers also highlighted Sher Edling's relationship with Ann Carlson, the current acting administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Carlson was a consultant for Sher Edling before joining the Biden administration. The lawmakers pointed out that Carlson's role in the administration includes unveiling strict fuel efficiency regulations that could push more Americans to buy electric vehicles, possibly benefiting the firm as it has also sued major car manufacturers.

Cruz and Comer demanded details from Sher Edling about Carlson's work with the firm and a detailed accounting of its funding. The firm's climate litigation, which began in 2016, has included lawsuits against major oil companies like Chevron, ExxonMobil, and Shell, on behalf of various states and local governments. These lawsuits allege that the companies have deceived the public about climate change and should be held accountable for the resulting damage.

Fox News Digital previously reported that the firm has received millions of dollars through discreet funding from the Collective Action Fund for Accountability, Resilience, and Adaptation (CAF). The left-wing dark money apparatus, which switched its fiscal sponsorship to the New Venture Fund in 2021, is funded by organizations like the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation.

During a recent hearing on third-party litigation funding, Comer remarked that left-wing groups are "funneling millions to law firms" to sue companies across the country. He also raised concerns about their extreme tactics and goals, stating that they are using litigation as a means to implement their agenda rather than going through the electoral process.

Sher Edling's involvement with dark money and its ties to a top Biden administration official have raised red flags for Cruz and Comer, who have called for transparency and accountability from the firm.

As of now, Sher Edling and the NHTSA have not responded to requests for comment on the matter. However, this development sheds light on the potential influence of dark money in climate litigation and raises questions about the motives behind such lawsuits. With the firm facing scrutiny from top Republican lawmakers, it remains to be seen how it will address these concerns and whether it will continue to receive funding from left-wing sources.

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