Late Night TV Jokes About Social Media Pic

Let’s dive into the hilarious yet eyebrow-raising incident involving Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and his now-infamous Father’s Day post. It all started when Schumer took to social media on Sunday to share his excitement about a family barbecue.

"Our family has lived in an apartment building for all our years, but my daughter and her wife just bought a house with a backyard and for the first time we’re having a barbeque with hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill!" Schumer posted on X. He proudly called it "Father’s Day Heaven!"

Sounds lovely, right? But the photo he shared sparked quite a bit of controversy. Both conservatives and liberals jumped in, accusing him of grilling blunders—like placing cheese on a raw burger patty way too soon.

Cue Stephen Colbert, the late-night host who never misses a beat. On his Tuesday night show, Colbert couldn’t resist poking fun at Schumer. "A hot June day is a great time for a cookout. Just ask Senate Majority Leader, and raisin in the trail mix insulted that you keep avoiding it, Chuck Schumer," he quipped.

Colbert showcased the now-deleted post, saying, "At first glance, it just looks like any nice grandpa, wearing the shirt he napped in, offering you a delicious bun-less burger. But look closer, and you'll see, he put cheese on an uncooked patty!"

Colbert didn't stop there. "It's a little rare for my taste," he joked. "'We've got all the fixin's: we got ketchup, mustard, E. coli, salmonella.'"

Adding to the humor, Colbert noted Schumer's caption, "Father's Day Heaven!" and quipped, "Which is where you're gonna be if you eat one of his burgers."

Fox News Digital tried to get a comment from Schumer's office about the original photo but didn't get a response. Despite the grilling gaffe, Schumer did post another message that’s still up, wishing, "Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!"

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