Kamala Interview Gets Under The Microscope

Amidst the chaos and controversy surrounding the Biden administration, Vice President Kamala Harris continues to face criticism and scrutiny for her words and actions during interviews. Over time, it has become clear that her responses are often either unclear, unsatisfactory, or incoherent, leaving many wondering if she is truly capable of leading the country.

During The New York Times DealBook Summit, Harris attempted to defend the administration's accomplishments, claiming that "not since Eisenhower have we seen this kind of investment in America." However, she also acknowledged that these actions are not necessarily "connected with the heart and the experience and the feelings of the American people." This may be due to the fact that the administration's policies have led to rising inflation and higher interest rates, causing harm to the average American.

When asked about Joe Biden's age and mental capacity, which polls have shown to be a major concern for the American people, Harris responded with a seemingly rehearsed answer, stating that "age is more than a chronological fact" and praising Biden's ability to deal with world leaders and Congress. However, this does not align with what the public sees on a daily basis - a president who struggles to speak without notes often appears confused and gets lost on stage.

When challenged on whether she would be able to tell the American public if there was ever a problem with Biden's leadership, Harris simply replied with a vague, "if necessary." This response ignores the evidence of Biden's decline and undermines the concerns of the American people.

Harris also gave a problematic answer when asked about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. While the administration claims to be fully supportive of Israel, Harris avoided giving a direct answer and instead attempted to appease the radical left by insinuating that Israel's efforts to defend itself are somehow wrong.

Another troubling moment came when Harris refused to comment on the potential national security threat posed by the Chinese-owned app TikTok. This response, combined with her dismissal of concerns about Russia's interference in the 2016 election, shows a concerning pattern of downplaying foreign influence and manipulation, despite ample evidence to the contrary.

Furthermore, Harris continues to blame former President Trump for the current crisis at the border and urges bipartisanship, despite the fact that Democrats consistently criticized and hindered Trump's attempts to secure the border during his presidency.

It is no wonder that the American people do not have much faith in Harris as a leader when she consistently deflects, avoids, or misrepresents the truth in her responses. However, Harris and her supporters continue to blame the media's supposed racism and sexism for the public's lack of confidence in her abilities.

This tactic of shifting blame and avoiding accountability is becoming all too familiar for the Biden administration. As time goes on, it remains to be seen if Harris will be able to effectively lead the country or if her lackluster performances during interviews will continue to raise doubts and concerns among the American people.

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