Kamala In Some Hot Water Over An Airplane Bathroom

Vice President Kamala Harris is being roasted by social media users for her suggestion that the Biden Administration will soon "announce a solution" to help end the "inequity" of airplane restrooms.

Harris posted Tuesday on Twitter that "the majority of domestic flights do not have accessible restrooms."

"This is absolutely unacceptable," the Democrat wrote.

Twitter users have flooded the comment section, questioning why the vice president is prioritizing the issue when the southern border remains in dire condition and prices continue to soar.

"So when seating capacity is diminished, do you plan to deploy the government to solve the pricing problem the government created," the Arizona Libertarian Party responded.

"Yeah — get on that VP!! Forget the Border, and all the other…" actor Dean Cain wrote.

Other users mocked Harris for her post, with Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton remarking, "Really?"

Newsmax's Rob Schmitt commented, "Oh f’n lovely. Get ready for trans bathrooms big enough to hold a baby whale and the increase in ticket prices for the rest of us to make up for the missing row of seats."

Twitter users also reminded Harris of other issues she had previously addressed.

"I thought you were fixing the border and doing AI regulation, but airplane bathrooms now..." one individual posted in the comment section.

The post comes just hours after Harris sparked sarcasm over her definition of transportation during a roundtable discussion.
Republican communicator Steve Guest commented, "Kamala Harris gives voice to thought and then this nonsense comes out. She can’t be serious."

It remains unclear what Harris meant by "solution" or what that solution could be. There is speculation that it could be meant to make airplanes more wheelchair accessible for passengers.

Whatever the solution may be, it has yet to be revealed, and many will be watching as to how it could possibly affect pricing, capacity, and overall accessibility of airplane restrooms.

Until then, it seems the vice president has struck a nerve with social media users who remain concerned with the vice president's prioritization of the issue.

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