GOP Witness Claims He’s In Hiding

Devon Archer, the former best friend and business partner of Hunter Biden, is said to be 'in hiding' after receiving 'threats' and is set to give Congress bombshell evidence against the Biden family.

The 49-year-old has fled his Long Island and Brooklyn homes, reported However, he is still determined to testify to the House Oversight Committee -with whom he has been subpoenaed- on Monday.

Archer, who partnered with Hunter Biden on overseas deals, is expected to give details of meetings he attended with their foreign business partners, where the First Son allegedly had Joe Biden on speakerphone.

According to a source close to the former Rosemont Seneca partner, Archer has “gotten threats and is concerned for his and his family’s safety” after his planned testimony was announced. The source further mentioned that Archer’s family had also been adversely affected by the situation.

Emails from Hunter's abandoned laptop suggest that Archer arranged a dinner for the Bidens and their foreign partners at Cafe Milano in Washington DC in 2015, which Joe Biden reportedly attended.

The source said that Hunter would always introduce his father at the dinner, going so far as to answer the phone on speaker and hear Joe say hello to all the partners. ”They knew Hunter Biden was Joe Biden’s son, and that he could exercise influence. But Joe made it crystal clear that he knew all the names and families of the people in the room,” said the source.

This same tactic was allegedly used after a Burisma board meeting in Dubai in December 2015. According to the New York Post report, Hunter was with his co-board member Nikolai Zlochevsky and executive Vadym Pozharskyi in the bar of the Four Seasons Resort Dubai.

Vadym asked Hunter to call his father, to which Hunter obliged. During the call, which Joe reportedly answered, Hunter told his father he “needed their support”. Three days later, Joe addressed the Ukrainian parliament on the issue of “corruption” and “kleptocracy”.

Archer’s story is reportedly being backed up by grand jury testimony he gave to federal prosecutors as well.

“Devon Archer believes strongly in the rule of law and the democratic system, and is prepared to answer the committee’s questions just as he has already answered similar questions from a federal grand jury, the Department of Justice, and several other government agencies in their investigations concerning the Biden family”, his lawyer, Matthew Schwartz, confirmed.

However, when asked about Hunter’s alleged wrongdoing, his wife Krista told reporters that she had no contact with Hunter in 15 years, and knew nothing of his business.

Additionally, it was mentioned that Archer was found guilty of co-conspire in a scheme to defraud a Native American tribe. He is on the hook with his co-criminal partners for $43.4 million restitution over the fraud.

Rumors of Archer being afraid to appear were dismissed; his attorney confirmed he would attend.

Although Archer has emails, documents, and records from his dealings with Hunter, the source said that he will not be producing any for the committee.

The House Oversight Committee described Archer’s information on the Bidens as ”crucial” and confirmed that he was of great assistance with their investigations.

Devon Archer is set to face the committee in Washington DC on Monday. It remains to be seen what earthquake of revelations the former Rosemont Seneca partner will present to the world.

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