Former Official Speaks After Pelosi Comments

The recent release of a video from January 6, 2021, showing then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) leaving the Capitol during the riots has sparked significant reactions and controversy. This video, taken by Pelosi's daughter for an HBO documentary, was released to the public for the first time at the request of the House GOP as part of their ongoing investigation. In the video, Pelosi candidly admits, "We did not have any accountability for what was going on there, and we should have," and acknowledges her responsibility for the lack of preparedness.

Pelosi's reaction to the video's release has been notable, mixing humor with a touch of irony. She accused former President Donald Trump and his allies of engaging in "revisionist history." Her remarks, however, came across as somewhat incoherent, with Pelosi stumbling over her words and appearing visibly flustered. "We cannot let us be dragged into there again," she said, emphasizing the importance of not succumbing to false narratives about that day.

The irony in Pelosi's statements lies in her claim that presenting her own words is an act of "revisionist history." In reality, the video simply documents her own admission, recorded by her daughter's camera, and thus cannot be easily dismissed as partisan manipulation. It offers a rare glimpse into the chaos and uncertainty that characterized the Capitol on January 6.

Adding fuel to the fire, Steven Sund, the Chief of the Capitol Police at the time, weighed in on Pelosi's comments with a pointed rebuttal. Sund expressed incredulity at Pelosi's surprise over the lack of National Guard presence on January 6, asserting that he had requested National Guard support multiple times before and during the riots. His requests, he claims, were repeatedly denied.

Sund detailed his efforts to secure assistance, noting that he had to go through the Capitol Police Board for approval, which denied his requests twice. According to Sund, the House Sergeant at Arms told the Senate Sergeant at Arms that an alternative response was necessary because Pelosi "would never go for it." This statement directly challenges Pelosi's narrative and suggests a different story about the decision-making process that day.

Moreover, Sund has testified that Pelosi did, in fact, speak with him on January 6, contradicting her previous statements about their communication. His account suggests a lack of transparency and raises questions about the official recounting of events.

This revelation has significant implications. It challenges the narrative upheld by some Democrats about the events leading up to and during the Capitol riots. The video, along with Sund's testimony, suggests that there were missed opportunities and denied requests for increased security, which could have altered the outcome of that fateful day.

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