Florida Governor Signs Housing Bill

FILE - Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks at Miami's Freedom Tower, on May 9, 2022. DeSantis is set to appear before a friendly conference of conservative Jewish leaders in New York City, Sunday, June 12, 2022, despite efforts by gay rights advocates to get the event cancelled. (AP Photo/Marta Lavandier, File)

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took a decisive step towards protecting homeowners' property rights on Wednesday by signing a new law that empowers residents to swiftly evict squatters from their homes. Under this law, homeowners will no longer have to endure lengthy legal battles to reclaim their homes from illegal occupants.

Speaking at a press conference to announce the new law, DeSantis highlighted the alarming trend of home squatting in Democrat strongholds like California and New York. He expressed his concern over recent incidents where homeowners were unable to reclaim their own homes from squatters, and in some cases, violence ensued.

DeSantis pointed out the recent case of a woman in New York who was arrested for changing the locks on her own home because squatters had taken over. He also mentioned reports of illegal aliens using social media to educate others on how to illegally occupy private property in the US.

The new law is a direct response to such incidents, aimed at protecting the property rights of law-abiding homeowners. DeSantis reiterated that the law in Florida will not side with squatters like it does in states like New York and California.

He explained that the law provides a swift and efficient process for homeowners to reclaim their property. They can simply fill out a form, and give it to their local sheriff, and the sheriff will be responsible for promptly removing the illegal occupants.

The governor stressed that the goal of the law is to ensure that the thumb is on the scale of justice in favor of law-abiding homeowners and not in favor of those who violate the law. The new law will bring an end to the scam of squatting, as DeSantis called it.

He also expressed his hope that the law will serve as a deterrent for potential squatters, as they will now be aware of the swift consequences of their actions. The message is clear: squatting will not be tolerated in Florida.

The governor's action has been met with widespread support from homeowners and legal experts. They believe that the new law will provide much-needed relief to homeowners who have been subjected to the trauma and financial burden of reclaiming their homes from squatters.

However, critics of the law argue that it unfairly targets low-income communities and homeless individuals who may seek shelter in vacant homes. They also raise concerns about the potential for abuse of power by law enforcement who may evict innocent individuals.

DeSantis addressed these concerns by clarifying that the law only applies to properties that are legally owned and occupied by someone else, and not to those that are abandoned or vacant. He also emphasized that the law includes protections for innocent occupants who may have been deceived by squatters and were not aware of their illegal actions.

The governor's strong stance against squatting is indicative of his commitment to protecting the rights of Floridians. By signing this law, he has sent a clear message that property rights will be safeguarded in his state, and those who violate them will face swift consequences.

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