Biographer Gives Insight Into Joe’s Behavior

As Joe Biden winds through his term as President of the United States, one biographer is revealing the truth about Biden's alleged empathy - it's largely non-existent.

The biographer's piece, while meant to serve as a critique of the president's handling of some recent conflicts, ultimately serves to confirm many of the critiques of Biden's callousness to the suffering of others.

The piece begins with an account from Tyler Vargas, a U.S. Marine who lost an arm during the Afghanistan withdrawal during the Biden presidency. The Marine's account paints a clear picture of Biden's disconnectedness, noting that the president's lack of concern for him and his family left his mother "furious".

The biographer also exposed more criticism, citing other Gold Star parents from the past bombing campaign who also claimed that Biden spent the entirety of their visit talking about his own son, despite the fact that his son had not died in combat. Another example was when Biden was at Dover Air Force Base for a dignified transfer of fallen soldiers, he was apparently seen checking his watch.

Those examples are just a sampling of Biden's callousness, and this year alone multiple other examples have also been documented.

When Biden visited Maui after a devastating wildfire, he was criticized for his lighthearted remarks, such as joking about wanting to stay longer in Hawaii. Shortly after the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville earlier this year, Biden held a press conference in which he joked about having an ice cream afterward.

These callous responses seemed to confirm long-standing criticisms of Biden's shallow pursuit of PR victories before the anniversary of September 11th and his overall lack of empathy for those suffering due to his policies.

With Biden's 2024 election looming, the biographer's piece serves to remind the public of the ugly truth about the President's real character.w While Biden claims to be an empathizer-in-chief, the reality is he largely cares only about himself. The President's actions speak for themselves, and it's about time the nation finally starts to treat him accordingly.

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